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2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science
Non-Coding RNAs and Epigenetics in Cancer

S5: ncRNA Technologies

List of Accepted Abstracts (10)
An Improved Algorithm for Antisense LNA™ GapmeR Design
Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics of Non-Coding RNAs in Human Cancer
Functional long Noncoding RNAs in Cancer Pathways
High-Risk Plasma microRNA Signature Is Associated with an Immune-Related Gene Expression Profile of Lung Tumour Tissues
microRNAs Shape Plasticity of Pancreatic Acini
Plasma Viral miRNAs as Targeted-biomarkers of Occult Viral Infections Prevalence and Sepsis Aggressiveness
Stepwise Analysis of MIR9 Loci Identifies miR-9-5p to Be Involved in Oestrogen Regulated Pathways in Breast Cancer Patients
The Integration of Rural Community and Participatory Media Based on the Mobile Internet ——A Practice of Mobile Internet in Western Rural China
The microRNA-449 Family Inhibits TGF-β-mediated Liver Cancer Cell Migration by Targeting SOX4
Tools for lncRNA Research in Cancer