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2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science
Non-Coding RNAs and Epigenetics in Cancer

S1: The Biology of ncRNAs - Sponsored by Arraystar Inc.

List of Accepted Abstracts (10)
ZDHHC11 and ZDHHC11B Are Novel Critical Components of the Oncogenic miR-150-MYB Network in Burkitt Lymphoma
MALAT1 and Beyond - Long Non-coding RNAs in Lung Cancer
A Multiplatform Approach Identifies miR-152 as a Novel Epigenetically Downregulated microRNA in Prostate Cancer
Elucidating the Dark Side of the MicroRNA
Expression and Functional Characterization of Ultraconserved Non-Coding Regions 8+ in Bladder Cancer
Functional Genetic Screens of Regulatory DNA Elements
Hyper-Phosphorylation of Argonaute Proteins Affects mRNA Binding and Is Essential for microRNA-Guided Gene Silencing in vivo
lncRNA RP11-334E6.12 Expression Is Highly Correlated with Increased THY-1 Expression in Chemoresistant Primary Mesothelioma Cells
Lost in Translation: Long Non-coding RNAs in Metastasis
Ultra-Conserved Non-Coding Transcript T-UC291 Controls Somatic Tissue Differentiation by Interfering with ACTL6A