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Polymers: Design, Function and Application

S1: Design to Function


Confirmed Speakers

Josef Wünsch
BASF, Germany

Klaus Müllen
Max Planck Institute, Germany

Yao Lin
University of Connecticut, USA
Topic: Revisiting the helix-coil transition and helical chain growth of synthetic polypeptides: a model based approach

Richard Hoogenboom
Ghent University, Belgium
Topic: Poly(2-oxazoline)s: From synthesis to biomaterials

Helmut Schlaad
University of Potsdam, Germany
Topic: Polymers from amino acids

Ulrich Schubert
Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany
Topic: New Battery systems based on polymers as active materials

List of Accepted Abstracts (116)
Microbial Cell Factories” to Produce Nanocapsules Coated by Custom Polypeptides
Analysis of quantum chemical descriptors of chitosan polymers using density functional theory.
Anti-Bacterial and Fluorescent Properties of Hydrophobic and Superhydrophobic Electrodeposited Polypyrenes
Configuring Surface Morphing with Planer Structural Confinement
From Ultralong, Quenched, Block Copolymer Cylindrical Micelles to New 2D and 3D Functional Networks
Graphene Oxide-Modified Shape Memory Polymer Composite
Helical Alignment of Semiconducting Random Copolymer Films Enabled by Electrochemical Polymerization in Cholesteric Liquid Crystal
Hydrogel Designed for Mechanically Adaptable Ionic Skins
by Peiyi Wu  *
Influence of Surface Interactions on the Dielectric Properties in Poly(2-oxazoline)-co-polyester Nanocomposites
Isocyanate Microencapsulation: New Crosslinking Strategy for One Component, Self-Reactive and Eco-Innovative Adhesives
Modeling the Thermomechanical Behavior of ESTANE
Nanocellulose-Based Filtration Materials: Preparation and Application
Graphene Oxide Modified Chitosan Film Production and Characterization
Polyamide-6 Supported Chitosan Nanocomposite Membranes
Electrodes Modified with Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Doped with Sulfonated Polyarylethersulfones: A Combined WAXS and Cyclic Voltammetric Study
A 3D-Printed Thermo-Responsive Hydrogel as a Multifunctional Ionic Skin
A Modular Approach to Double Hydrophilic Block Copolymers and ´their Self-Assembly
A Polymer Chemistry of Graphenes and Graphene Nanoribbons
A Rational Design of Hydrogel with Electroactive Properties
ABS-Based Flame Retardant Microcellular Foams for Automobile Applications
Acid-Degradable Polyesters Conjugated with Drugs or Corrosion Inhibitors
Advanced Biobased Polymers from Limonene Oxide
Ambient Curable Latex Films and Adhesives Based on Natural Rubber Bearing Acetoacetoxy Functionality
Aza-Michael Addition as a Selective Tool for the Design of Dumbbell and Dendronized Polyglycerols
Bending under Light Illumination of Liquid Crystal Elastomer: Finsler Geomoetry Modeling
Biocompatible, Thermoresponsive, and Printable Poly(2-Oxazoline)s Gels
Biosensor Platforms for Selective Neurotransmitter Detection
Bottlebrush Polymers: From Dilute Solutions to Super-Soft Rubbers
Bringing New Functionalities to Polyesters and Polycarbonates with Isosorbide
Cellulose Nanocrystals Prepared in a Deep Eutectic Mixture of Choline Chloride and Urea
Characterization of the Hydrocarbon ChainImmobilized Cotton Fiber Surface by Atomic Force Microscopy
Chirality Induction to Polymers and Oligomers Using Circularly Polarized Light through Enantiomer-Selective Photo Excitation
Comparative Study of Hair Fiber-Based Reinforced Polyethylene Composites
Conductive Polymer Brushes Based on Ethynyl-Pyridine Monomer
Controlling Monomer Sequence Using (Supramolecular) Cyclopolymerization
Custom-Made Surfaces: Tailoring the Isoelectric Point via Modification of Ester-Functionalized Poly(2-Oxazoline)s
Degradation of PET-Bottles to Monohydroxyethyl Terephthalate(MHT) Using Ethylene Glycol and Hydrotalcite
Design and Characterization of New pH- and Thermo-Responsive Hydrogels Based on Dimethylacrylamide, N-Isopropylacrylamide and 2-Oxazoline Macromonomer
Design and Synthesis of Amphiphilic Brush Copolymers via ATRP
Design of Inorganic Polymers with StimuliResponsive Cleavage and/or Degradation in Biological Environments
Design, Synthesis and Properties Investigation of Gradient-Like Block Copolymers
Development and Characterization of Novel Acrylic-Based Foamable Inks for PolyJet Printing
Direct Access to Primary Amines and Particle Morphology Control in Nanoporous CO2 Sorbents
Direct Electrochemical Detection of Dopamine at Over-Oxidized Polypyrrole/Graphene/Au Microelectrode Array
Double Metal Cyanide (DMC) Catalyst-Mediated Polymerization of Hydroxyl-Functional Poly-L-Lactide-Polyether Copolymers
Effect of the Blending Method and Mixing Sequence on Mechanical, Morphological and Luminescent Properties of SrAl2O4:Eu2+-Filled NR/PP/PEC Thermoplastic Natural Rubbers
Electrically Conductive Polyetheretherketone-Based Filaments for Additive Manufacturing
Elucidation and Prediction of Structure–Property–Function Relationships of Polymers with the Aim of Molecular Design: From a Single Chain to Crystal
Enhanced Anti-Cancerous Activity of Dual DrugLoaded Core–Shell Nanoparticles Composed of Metal-Free Fully Alternating Copolymer
Entanglements in Model Polymers: A Hierarchical Simulation Study
Fabrication of Silica Nanocontainers with a Thermoresponsive Gating System
Fluorescent S- and N-Containing Donor–Acceptor Polymers with Tuneable Band-Gap Architecture as Volatile Organic Compound Sensors
Formation and Stabilization of Silver Nanoparticles in the Presence of Cationic Polymers and Copolymers in Aqueous Media
From the Chemistry of Poly(2-oxazoline)s to Their Use as Biomaterials
Functionalized Phosphazenes with Immobilized Phenolic Antioxidants for Polyolefin Stabilization
High Performance Materials for Mobility
Hydrogel Formation via Photocrosslinking of Poly(Glycerol-co-Glycidyl Cinnamate) Copolymers
Hydrogels Based on Poly(ethylene glycol) Obtained by Thiol–Epoxy Click Polymerization: Synthesis, Characterization and Functionalization
Hydrogen-Bonding Organocatalysis in Ring-Opening Polymerizations
Induced Ionization and Core–Shell Structure Formation in Star-Like Weak Polyelectrolytes
Investigation on Quantitative Nanomechanical Properties and Structure of Composite Based on the Polyheteroarylene Matrix and ZrO2 Nanostars
Investigations of the Magnetodielectric Effect in Magnetorheological Elastomers
Ionic Complexes of Polyacids with Low-Molecular Weight Organic Oligoamines as Cross-Agents
Light-Triggered Degradation in Aliphatic Poly(carbonate)s via Intramolecular Cyclization
LightResponsive Objects: From Active Manipulation to Self-Propulsion of Small Particles at Solid–Liquid Interfaces
Linear-Hyperbranched Hybrids and Dendronized Polymers Implementing RAFT Techniques and Specifically Designed Functional Hyperbranched Polyglycerols
Mechanism of Charge Storage in Electroactive Porous Hydrogels Based on Polyaniline Doped with Polyacid
Microstructure Evolution of Immiscible PP/PVA Blends Tuned by Polymer Ratio and Silica Nanoparticles
Modelling Polyelectrolytes: Coupling of Conformational and Ionization Equilibria in Solution
Molecular Mechanisms of the Formation of the Composite Material Based on Chemical-Modified Cellulose and Calcium Phosphates. Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Molecularly Imprinted Bacterial Cellulose Nanofibers for Selective Recognition of Proteins
Morphological and Tribological Properties of PMMA/Halloysite Nanocomposites
New Battery Systems Based on Polymers as Active Materials
New Immobilization Protocols for the Embedding of Enzymes in Ultrathin Polymeric Films
New Routes to Dendronized Polymers via Radical Polymerizations and Aza-Michael Addition Using Functionalized Hyperbranched Polyglycerols
New Self-Assembling Copolymers via Polymer-Analogous Transformations in a Microwave Reactor for Skin Care Applications
Non-Ionic Polymers and Gels with UCST-Type Transitions and Thermophilicity in Water
On-Demand Self-Assembly of Size- and Shape-Controlled Liposome-Like Nanoparticles on PEGylated Gold Templates
by Ying Li  *
Photogeneration of N-Hecterocyclic Carbene Ligands Under UV Radiation Application to Photoactivated Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization
Poly(dodecyl methacrylate-co-2-(diethylamino)ethyl methacrylate) Gels: Swelling Kinetics, Network Structure and Characterization
Poly(ethylene glycol) Diacrylate Hydrogels Used as Carriers for Photodynamic Therapy Photosensitizers
Polymer Capsules with Magnetic Properties
Polymeric Systems Capable of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
Polymerization of Innovative Materials Using Organocatalysis
Polymers from Amino Acids
Polyolefin Thermoplastic Elastomers from Olefins Chain-Walking Polymerization: Synthesis, Structure and Properties
Porous Membranes based on Polypropylene–Ethylene Copolymers. Influence of Temperature on Extrusion, Annealing and Uniaxial Strain Stages
Properties of CaCO3 Nanofiller in PEHD Polymer
Recent Progress of Crystallization Behavior and Properties of Biodegradable Polymers
Replacement of Petroleum-Derived Diols by Bio Polyols in One-Component Polyurethane Foams
Revisiting the Helix–Coil Transition and Helical Chain Growth of Polypeptides
by Yao Lin  *
Shear Modulus of Magnetorheological Elastomers in the Theoretical Framework of the Single-Particle Magnetostriction Mechansim
Structure Formation in Nanophase-Separated Polymers with Lamellar Morphology
Supported Cu0Nanoparticles Catalyst for Controlled Radical Polymerization Reaction and Block-Copolymer Synthesis
Surface Plasmon Resonance-Based Sensors for Detection of Aflatoxin
Synthesis and Characterization of Hydrophobically Modified Polyacrylamide Having Oligo(Lactic Acid) as Hydrophobic Macromonomer
Synthesis and Characterization of New Conjugated Polymers for Solar Cell Applications
Synthesis and Characterization of Triblock Copolymer PLA-PEG-PLA Catalyzed by Maghnite-H +
Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Block Copolymers as siRNA Delivery Agents
Synthesis of 2-Deoxy-d-ribose-5-phosphate aldolase (DERA)/PNIPAm Conjugates and Their Self-Assembly into Biocatalytically Active Thin Films
Synthesis of a CarboraneContaining Triblock Terpolymer Designed for Dual Drug Delivery
Synthesis of Functional Polyglycerols Containing Amine Groups
Synthesis of Functionalizable Periodic Copolymers
Synthesis of Novel Poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) Based ABC Triblock Copolymer and Achieving Sub-10 nm Morphologies
Synthesis of Poly(phenylene methylene) with Unexpected Photoluminescence Caused by Homoconjugation
Synthesis, Characterization and Foaming of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Synthesized with Different Soft/Fard Segment Ratios and Graphene Nanoplatelet Contents
The Application of Polyurethane–Polylactide-Based Material Doped with Nanostructural Apatites Functionalized in Lanthanide Ions for Osteochondral Defect Regeneration
The Effect of Reactive Ionic Liquid or Plasticizer Incorporation on Physicochemical, Equilibrium, and Transport Properties of Cellulose Acetate Propionate-Based Membranes
The Influence of the Ammonium Pendant Groups on the Photophysical Properties of Polythiophene-Based Polyelectrolytes with Phosphonium Ionic Groups
Triazine Dendrimers: From Synthetic Methods Development to Treating Prostate Cancer in Mice
Twin Matrix: The Symmetry of Sequence and Location
Unprecedented Photopolymerization of Very Thick Films and Access to Composites: Low Optical Densities vs. Latent Species Strategies
Use of Nanoindentation Experiment to Investigate the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane Coating Containing Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Nano Structure
Viscoelastic Analysis of Polymers Used for Magnetic Tapes
Visible Light-Regulated Polymerization of a Photo-Responsive Monomer: Formation of Light-Cleavable Nanoparticles
Zero-Dimensional Carbon Allotropes—Carbon Dots versus Fullerenes in Electronic Copolymers of Different Optical and Redox Properties