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Shift the Real Time Imaging Spectroscopy Conference (RTIST)

Dear colleagues,

We have one very unpleasant announcement. Due to severe health problems of our main organization we have to shift the RTIST 2016 to an unknown Date in 2017.

The conference main head is András Jung and he is also the main scientific organizer. Due to severe medical complications András has to undertake a very long sick leave. He will neither be able to support and not even to attend the RTIST. We at Cubert would feel very very bad to summon this scientific conference without him and decided to shift the meeting to next year when he has fully recovered.

However, you are still welcome to submit your full paper to the following special issue in Remote Sensing:
Special Issue: Real Time Spectral Imaging (Snapshot Imaging Spectroscopy)
Website: http://www.mdpi.com/journal/remotesensing/special_issues/realtime_imaging
Deadline: 28 February 2017

We wish András the very very best and hope that we will see you in the next year. Dates and appointments will be communicated as soon we have more information.

If you should have further questions do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you.

Best regards,
Dr. Rene Michels and the RTIST Team

Welcome to the Real Time Imaging Spectroscopy Conference (RTIST)


András Jung

Remarkable changes are currently observed in hyperspectral imaging. Non-scanning or real-time imaging spectrometers can image randomly moving objects, dynamic processes or make hyperspectral videos.
Discuss with us the future of mobile spectroscopy and meet leading innovators from science and industry.

Dr. András Jung, Chair for Science & Research


Published in MDPI
Remote Sensing
Science and Industry 
Round Table Discussion
Applications and
Best Practice
Alongside with the conference a special
issue “Real Time Spectral Imaging” of
the well-known Journal MDPI Remote Sensing will be launched.
Win one free open access article.

Leading personalities from industry
and science can meet and discuss in our big roundtable session.
Envision the future of spectral imaging together.

Learn from pioneers about leading
edge applications and best practice for the use of state of the art technology.
Meet manufacturers in our Hands On

Applications, Innovations & Open Source

Remarkable changes are currently observed in near-ground (<100 m) hyperspectral imaging. Platform liberalization (unmanned aerial vehicles, multi copters, terrestrial vehicles, hand-held tracking solutions, etc.) has been coupled with next generation spectral camera systems. Non-scanning or real-time imaging spectrometers can image randomly moving objects, dynamic processes, or make hyperspectral videos. After the snapshot spectral cameras have been miniaturized, a number of unmanned platforms were successfully tested for usability and applicability. Seeing the growing community around snapshot imaging spectroscopy, the first real time spectral imaging conference will be organized in Ulm, Germany.

Researchers from all disciplines are welcome! The application areas should primarily come from field-data coupled (out of the lab) or supporting areas (software & hardware prototyping), which are typically suited to agriculture, climate change, environment, precision farming, soil, vegetation and water spectroscopy, meteorology, etc.

 Topics will cover both scientific and industrial aspects in:


Chairs and Committee

Dr. René Michels,         
CEO, Cubert GmbH,
Prof. Dr. Eyal Ben-Dor, 
Tel Aviv University,
Prof. Dr. Antonio Plaza,
University of Extremadura,
Prof. Dr. Manuela Zude-Sasse,
Leibniz-Institute for
Agricultural Engineering
Bornim (ATB),


Prof. Dr. Michael Vohland,
Leipzig University,
Prof. Dr. Tamás János,
Debrecen University,
Prof. Dr. Jens Bongartz,
Fraunhofer Application
Center for Multimodal and
Airborne Sensors (AMLS),
Dr. András Jung,
Szent István University,
MTA-SZIE Plant Ecological
Research Group,