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: Environmental Management, Social Development and Economic Development

CSR: Corporate Sustainable Responsibility

GSF: Green/Sustainable Finance

MST: Mobility and Sustainable Transportation

PISD: Policies and Institutions for Sustainable Development

SA: Sustainable Agriculture (e.g. Food Security)

SCA: Sustainable Cities and Architecture (e.g. Urbanization, Building Materials)

SDG: Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

SDITD: Sustainable Development of Int’l Trade and Development

SE: Sustainable Energy (e.g. Climate Change, Mining)

SEE: Sustainability in Emerging Economies (e.g. China, India)

SPC: Sustainable Production and Consumption

W: Water

Submissions not assigned to panels

List of Accepted Abstracts (2)
The Projection of Green Technology Development in an Emerging Countries-A case of Nigeria
The Social Dimension of Climate Change Mitigation in Third world Countries: A Abraham Maslow Based Approach