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List of Keynotes & Videos

Bringing Down the Banks: How Being Financed by Too Much Debt Played a Role (Prof. Dr. Sanjai Bhagat, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado)

This is a follow-up to Sanjai Bhagat's video on bank executive compensation. Bhagat, a finance professor at the Leeds School of Business, argues that U.S. banks should be funded with more capital and less debt and that the current standards for such funding are dangerously low.

Energy Sustainability in Buildings and Communities - Prof. Dr. Marc Rosen

This video contains a Keynote Presentation for the 1st World Sustainability Forum, prepared by our Chairman Prof. Dr. Marc Rosen from the Institute of Technology of the University of Ontario, Canada.


This e-Book provides abstraction the subject of sustainability so that any title that interests you could be enlarged and read. <br/> Alternatively, you could download the PDF version.