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Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum Webinar | Plan S and Price Transparency: Towards a Breakdown of Publication Services and Prices

Part of the Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum series
2 Jul 2020, 00:00

Publishing, Open Access, Sustainability
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Webinar Information

The first webinar of BSPF will be held on 2 July 2020 at 3.00pm (CEST). It will touch upon topics such as Plan S and Price Transparency and will consist of talks from different publishers. Do not miss out on this webinar and register now!


Prof. Dr. Johan Rooryck

Drs. Saskia C.J. de Vries

Delia Mihaila

Dr. Johannes Wagner

Dr. Alicia Wise

Michael Markie

Stephanie Paalvast


The webinar will start at 3.00pm (CEST) and will last 1h30.




Prof. Dr. Johan Rooryck

cOAlition S


3.00pm (CEST)


3.05pm (CEST)

Drs. Saskia C.J. de Vries

Fair Open Access Alliance

FOAA Breakdown of Publication Services and Prices

3.10pm (CEST)

Delia Mihaila


MDPI Breakdown

3.20pm (CEST)

Dr. Johannes Wagner


Copernicus Breakdown

3.30pm (CEST)


3.40pm (CEST)

Dr. Alicia Wise

Information Power

Plan S Price Transparency Framework

3.50pm (CEST)

Michael Markie

F1000 Research

F1000 Research Pricing Structure and APC Transparency

4.00pm (CEST)

Stephanie Paalvast


Brill Transparency

4.10pm (CEST)

Discussion and Q&A session

4.20pm (CEST)

Webinar Content

On Thursday 2 July 2020, MDPI organised the first BSPF2020 webinar, moderated by Prof. Dr. Johan Rooryck of cOAlition S. The talks, focusing on price transparency of publication services and prices, were given by Drs. Saskia de Vries from Fair Open Access Alliance, Delia Mihaila from MDPI, Dr. Alicia Wise from Information Power, Michael Markie from F1000 Research and Stephanie Paalvast from Brill. These were followed by a discussion and Q&A session.

Plan S is an initiative for Open Access publishing launched in September 2018. It was put forward by an international consortium of research funders called cOAlition S. Plan S requires that from 2021 scientific publications from research supported by participating funders must be published in compliant Open Access journals or platforms. The principles and implementation guidelines have been clearly stated and many funding agencies and organizations have endorsed the principles.

The webinar was organised within the framework of the 2nd Basel Sustainable Publishing Forum (BSPF), which will be held in Basel on 26-27 October 2020. A main topic of discussion of BSPF2020 will be the challenges facing learned societies in this transition to Open Access, but the conference will also cover a broad array of topics relevant to these challenges, like the development of alternative metrics, the evaluation and promotion of researchers, the OA price transparency, the current situation and limitations of transformative agreements, copyright, etc. Registration for the webinar is now open.

The webinar was offered via Zoom and required registration to attend. The full recording can be found below.

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