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4th Webinar on COVID-19 | COVID-19 - Global Supply Chains and the SDGs

12 May 2020, 00:00

Covid-19, Global Supply Chains, SDGs
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Webinar Information

State-of-the-Art Webinars on COVID-19 Research

Webinar 4

COVID-19 - Global Supply Chains and the SDGs

Date & Time: 12 May 2020 4:00pm (CEST) | 10:00am (EDT) | 10:00pm (CST)

Webinar ID: 884-5022-2994

Webinar Secretariat:

The following expert researchers will present and speak:

Prof. Dr. Max Bergman

Dr. Dorothea Schostok

Prof. Dr. Patrick Paul Walsh

Prof. Manfred Max Bergman is Chair of Social Transitions Research at the University of Basel, Research Councilor of the Swiss National Science Foundation, and member of the Uganda National Academy of Sciences and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a global initiative for the United Nations. He is President of the Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology, Section Editor in Chief of Sustainability, and Editor in Chief of World. He chairs the World Sustainability Forum and the Basel Sustainability Forum since 2014.

Dr. Dorothea Schostok is a Research Fellow in the Research Unit International Energy Transitions in the Division Future Energy and Industry Systems at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. Her work focuses on the analysis and development of sustainability strategies, corporate social responsibility and sustainability governance as well as on the research areas of corporate and economic development. Dr. Schostok currently leads the project “Experiences of Implementing State-Wide Sustainability Strategies - Case Study: Sustainability Strategy NRW”. Since 2018 she has been a lecturer for sustainability and technology assessment at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences.

Patrick Paul Walsh is currently a Full Professor of International Development Studies and member of the Governing Authority in University College Dublin. Patrick Paul Walsh is the Director of the UCD Centre for Sustainable Development Studies, Coordinator of the UCD Ph.D. in Global Human Development which trains academic staff in East African Universities up to a Ph.D. level across several subject areas. Patrick Paul Walsh is a Senior Adviser to the UN SDSN, New York.


The webinar will start at 4:00 pm (CEST) and last maximum 1 ½ hour




4:00pm (CEST)

Patrick Paul Walsh

4:05pm (CEST)

Dorothea Schostok

4:15pm (CEST)

Max Bergman

4:25pm (CEST)

Discussion and Q&A

4:35pm (CEST)

Webinar Content

On Tuesday 12 May 2020, MDPI and Sciforum organised the fourth webinar in the COVID-19 series. The State-of-the-Art Webinars on COVID-19 are a series of webinars discussing the current state of research in the context of the corona crisis and also focus on the acute and long-term influence of the current situation.

The topic covered the Global Supply Chains and the SDGs in relation to the COVID-19 situation we are facing. Two expert researchers discussed their ideas on this: Prof. Dr. Patrick Paul Walsh from University College Dublin, Ireland, focused his presentation particularly on the situation of the Global Supply Chains before and after COVID-19; whereas Dr. Dorothea Schostok from the Wuppertal Institute, Germany, spoke about viewing this situation as a turning point, presenting it as a Corona Transformation. Their presentations were then followed by a discussion and Q&A session moderated by Prof. Dr. Max Bergman from the University of Basel, Switzerland.

The webinar was offered via Zoom and required registration in order to attend, however, the full recording can be found here/on Sciforum website.

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COVID-19 Academic Resources Center

To support health researchers and professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic, MDPI has established the COVID-19 Academic Resources Center. It contains a variety of information related to COVID-19 available from MDPI, including journal articles, special issues, and Preprints, among others.

Relevant Special Issues in MDPI Journals

Special Issues in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Risk Management of COVID-19 and Public Health: Medical, Economic, Finance, Business, Political and Educational Implications
Editors: Michael McAleer, Chia-Lin Chang, Daniel J. Slottje, Teodosio Pérez Amaral
Accepting submissions until 30 April 2021

Old and New Epidemiological Alerts: Prevention and Control of COVID-19, Candida auris, Measels, MDR and Other Infectious Diseases
Editors: Jadwiga Wojkowska-Mach, Maria Luisa Moro, Monika Chlebowicz, Anna Różańska
Accepting submissions until 28 February 2021

COVID-19 Global threat: Information or Panic
Editors: Carlos de las Heras-Pedrosa, Carmen Jambrino-Maldonado, Patricia P. Iglesias-Sánchez, Jose Ignacio Peláez-Sánchez
Accepting submissions until 20 December 2020

SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19 Outbreak: Lessons, Burning Points and Perspectives
Editor: Evelyne Bischof
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Special Issues in Pharmaceuticals

COVID-19 in Pharmaceuticals
Editors: Jean Jacques Vanden Eynde, Annie Mayence
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Articles in COVID-19 in Pharmaceuticals

COVID-19: An update about the Discovery Clinical Trial
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COVID-19: A Brief Overview of the Discovery Clinical Trial
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Submission closed.

Special Issues in Sustainability

COVID-19: Defense Strategies and Technologies
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Circular Economy in the COVID-19 Era
Editors: Jouni Korhonen and Juha-Pekka Snäkin
Accepting submissions until 15 December 2020

ICMTs for Sustainability in the Post COVID-19 Era: Revisiting Conceptual and Policy Narratives
Editors: Ravi S. Sharma, Stephen Bekoe and Aijaz A. Shaikh
Accepting submissions until 31 October 2020

Working during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic
Editors: Emanuele Cannizzaro, Ramaci Tiziana, Massimiliano Barattucci and Fulvio Plescia
Accepting submissions until 15 April 2021

Sustainability vs Uncontrollability: COVID-19 and Crisis Impact on the Hospitality and Tourism Community
Editors: Myong Jae Lee and Saehya Ann
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Pilgrimage and Sustainability in the Post COVID 19 Era
Editor: Noga Collins-Kreiner
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Special Issue in Viruses

Pathogenesis of Human and Animal Coronaviruses
Editor: Andrew Davidson
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