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MDPI World Wildlife Day Webinar 2024

1 Mar 2024, 17:00 (CET)

Wildlife, Wildlife Extinction, Wildlife Conservation, Woodland Box Turtle
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Welcome from the Chair

In order to commemorate World Wildlife Day 2024 (, MDPI is launching a special webinar to encourage researchers to join together, take action, and raise awareness as to how the exchange of findings facilitates efforts for wildlife conservation.

Billions of people benefit daily from the use of wild species for food, energy, materials, medicine, recreation, inspiration and many other vital contributions to human well-being. The accelerating global biodiversity crisis, with a million species of plants and animals facing extinction, threatens these contributions to people.

This webinar aims to encourage connection and collaboration among wildlife researchers and the international open access community to help fight against wildlife crime and human-induced reduction of species. We are very much looking forward to seeing you at the MDPI World Wildlife Day Webinar 2024.

Webinar Secretariat

Invited Speakers

Ferrum College, USA

Todd Fredericksen teaches courses in environmental science and biology at Ferrum College. Research interests include the effects of forest management on biodiversity, natural history and conservation of wildlife species in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and tropical and temperate forest ecology. He is the editor of Banisteria, the journal of the Virginia Natural History Society and Editor of the journal Trees, Forests, and People. He is a wildland firefighter with the Virginia Department of Forestry and a member of the Virginia Natural History Society, Virginia Society for Ornithology, and the Virginia Herpetological Society.

Portuguese Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, Portugal

Luísa works at the Portuguese Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests since 1987 as a biologist. She coordinates the National monitoring programme of cave-dwelling bats which started in 1987, promotes the management of bat roosts and contributes to the conservation of bats. She was one of the Editors of the recent Portuguese Mammals Red Data Book. and is one of the National coordinators of the European Atlas of Mammals. She is also in charge of the preparation of the Article 17 Habitats Directive´s reports regarding bats. Currently she is a Senior Advisor for EUROBATS, she participates in several Intersessional Working Groups and she co-coordinates the Intersessional Working Group on Wind Turbines and Bat Populations.



Time in CET

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5pm - 5.10pm

11am - 11.10am

Dr. Todd Fredericksen
A Case Study on a Long-Lived Turtle
Terrestrial Species in Eastern North America - the Woodland Box Turtle

5.10pm - 5.40pm

11.10am - 11.40am

Dr. Luísa Rodrigues
The Importance of Sharing Knowledge: 36 Years of Bat Conservation in Portugal

5.40pm - 6.10pm

11.40am - 12.10pm


6.10pm -6.25pm

12.10pm - 12.25pm

Closing of Webinar

6.25pm - 6.30pm

12.25pm - 12.30pm

Webinar Recording

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