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Nutrients Webinar | New Perspectives about Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Athletic Population

23 Sep 2022, 14:00 (CEST)

Athlete, Beetroot Juice, Ergogenic Aids, Exercise, Nitrate, Physical Activity, Sport, Supplementation
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Welcome from the Chair

7th Nutrients Webinar

New Perspectives about Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Athletic Population

Since the first athletes in ancient Greece, vegetables as dietary sources have been associated with physical performance and health. In fact, vegetables have been related to cardiovascular fitness and correlate intake with blood pressure, triglycerides or cholesterol levels. The high consumption of vegetable dietary products has been associated with health, especially in populations with cardiovascular disease risk. Some endurance athletes consume diets with a low content of fat and including a large amount of vegetables. At the same time, the present maximum equality between athletes induces them to optimize recovery between training sessions, potentiate training adaptations, use sophisticated equipment and search for strategies that can influence their physical performance. In this context, many sport supplements have emerged, promising to increase physical performance. However, before engaging with sport supplementation, one must consider the principles of safety, effectiveness and legality. One of the few sport supplements that have demonstrated to act as ergogenic aids is beetroot juice.

This webinar aims to provide insight on the most recent findings concerning beetroot juice supplementation in the athletic population, including four international prestigious research papers. The duration of these lectures/presentations will be 30 minutes, after which a Q&A session will be held.

Date: 23 September 2022

Time: 2:00 pm CEST | 8:00 am EDT | 8:00 pm CST Asia

Webinar ID: 838 4160 1329

Webinar Secretariat:


Departamento de Motricidad Humana y Rendimiento Deportivo, Faculty of Education Sciences, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Raúl Domínguez is a full professor in the Department of Human Motricity and Sport Performance at the University of Seville. He is a coordinator of the Sport Sciences Degree and leads a research group focused on sport nutrition. Professor Domínguez has managed seven competitive research projects regarding sport supplementation and its effects on the athletic population. He has published 72 articles (with a JCR impact factor), of which 15 focused on beetroot juice or nitrate supplementation. He has been invited to speak on sport nutrition at 14 national or international congresses, and has obtained two awards for studies related to beetroot juice supplementation.

Invited Speakers

Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain

I am an Assistant Professor at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid (Spain) and PhD in Exercise Physiology. Furthermore, my main research interests focus on the effects of dietary supplements/ergogenic aids on sports performance (mainly caffeine and beetroot juice), and I have published more approximately 40 peer-reviewed paper (Scand J Med Sci Sports, J Sci Med Sport. Eur J Nutr). Finally, I took part in two postdoctoral research stays (Southern Denmark University and Mississippi University).

School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University, UK

Tom is a senior lecturer in physiology and nutrition at Loughborough University, where he teaches applied health and exercise nutrition to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Tom is an accredited sports scientist with the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences, and a practitioner registrant of the Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register. He gained a PhD in health and exercise nutrition from Northumbria University investigating the role of beetroot-derived phytochemicals in health and exercise. Tom continues to research the effects of phytochemical nutritional interventions on health, performance, and recovery from exercise

Human Nutrition Research Centre, Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University, UK

Dr. Oliver Shannon is an early career researcher, and was recently appointed as a lecturer in human nutrition and ageing within the Human Nutrition and Exercise Research Centre at Newcastle University, UK. His research focuses on the role of nutrition, especially healthy dietary patterns, and dietary inorganic nitrate, in improving cognitive and cardiovascular ageing and enhancing exercise performance. His research has been funded by bodies including Public Health England, the Wellcome Trust and Rank Prize. He has published approximately 50 peer-reviewed papers, including in field-leading journals such as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, British Journal of Nutrition, and The Journal of Nutrition. In this presentation, Dr. Shannon’s goal is to discuss the potential role of dietary nitrate in enhancing physiological/cognitive function and exercise performance in older adults.

Institute of Health and Community, University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

Raul Bescós is a lecturer in human physiology at the University of Plymouth (UK), where he co-leads the Oral Microbiome Research Group. His current research focuses on the link between the oral microbiome and cardiovascular health in regard to the nitrate and nitrite metabolism. He is interested in novel approaches to improve oral and cardiovascular health through the modulation of the oral microbiome. He has also carried out studies looking at the ergogenic effect of dietary nitrate in different populations.

Webinar Content

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Time in CEST

Chair Prof. Dr. Raúl Domínguez

Chair Introduction

2:00 - 2:20 pm

Dr. Álvaro López-Samanes

Possible Ergogenic Potential of Beetroot Juice on Team Sports

2:20 - 2:35 pm

Dr. Tom Clifford

Scientific Evidence behind Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Female Athletic Population

2:35 - 2:50 pm

Dr. Oliver Shannon

Beet it, Beet it, No One Wants to be Defeated: Dietary Nitrate and Exercise Performance in Older Adults

2:50 - 3:05 pm

Dr. Raúl Bescós

Considerations about Beetroot Juice Supplementation: Factors That Influence the Effects of This Supplementation

3:05 - 3:20 pm


3:20 - 3:30 pm

Closing of Webinar

3:30 – 3:40 pm

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