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First Poster Competition on Materials Science

20 Jan 2021

Poster Design, Materials Science, Twitter
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The arrival of the Internet era made academic communication more convenient and diverse. Posters are a more intuitive and concise medium to display scholars' academic achievements. When we attend academic conferences, we see all kinds of eye-catching posters on display. Materials (ISSN 1996-1944) intends to combine the convenient communication medium of posters with the platform of the Internet to create a broader, more flexible manner of academic sharing. You don't need to travel; just upload your poster and enter for free.

Date: 5 August to 5 November

This poster contest, organized by the journal Materials, covers a number of hot topics in the materials field, including:

  1. Biomaterials and soft materials
  2. Smart materials
  3. Advanced nanomaterials and nanotechnology
  4. Flexible, wearable electronics, textiles and sensors
  5. Structural and functional materials
  6. Materials for energy, storage and conversion
  7. Novel electronic and optical materials

Materials (ISSN 1996-1944; CODEN: MATEG9) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of materials science and engineering published semi-monthly online by MDPI. It has been indexed by the Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science), Ei Compendex and other databases. Citations are available in PubMed, and a full-text archive in PubMed Central. The 2019 Impact Factor is 3.057 and the 5-year Impact Factor is 3.424.

We look forward to sharing your work!

Instructions for Authors


  1. The content of the poster can be a comprehensive presentation of your recent research results or a summary of the cutting-edge research in your field. However, all posters must be related to Materials Science.
  2. No copyright issues with any elements in the poster.
  3. The minimum size for images is 148 mm × 210 mm (horizontal × vertical) at 300 dpi.
  4. Posters should be in gif/jpg/png/jpeg/bmp format and no larger than 4 MB.
  5. The poster should be submitted to the system along with a valid link on Twitter about the poster before 5 November. Please compress all required documents as a package and then upload to system.
  6. Applicants should be PhD students or researchers with a PhD degree in Materials Science or a related field.

Required Application Documents

  1. A caption with poster title and brief introduction.
  2. An updated CV and a scanned copy of the applicant’s doctorate/student certificate.
  3. A link corresponding to a relevant tweet about the poster on Twitter.

To register for the poster prize

  1. Register and submit via Sciforum.
  2. Tweet about your poster with the title, #MaterialsPoster, @Materials_mdpi and any other relevant subject hashtag(s).
  3. Share your poster with as many people as possible.
  4. Discuss and answer questions from the community or committee members.
  5. Win a prize if your poster is selected as the best!

Evaluation criteria

  1. Number of Likes/retweets of each entry by 5 December (20% of the total score)
  2. Voting results by poster committee (80% of the total score)
  • Originality/Novelty
  • Interest to the readers
  • Rich in content and coherent
  • Significance of content

The winners will be announced on the Materials website and on Twitter by end of January, 2021.

For any questions, please contact

Poster Submission Instruction

Evaluation Committee

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Research Keywords
cell-biomaterial interactions; LbL self-assembly systems; theranostic devices for gene/protein therapy and tissue engineering; nanostructured interface by surface molecular engineering; microfluidic platforms for biorecognition systems and Lab-on-a-chip d

ETH Zurich Metal Physics and Technology Department of Materials, Zurich, Switzerland

Research Keywords
light metals, biodegradable metals, corrosion-resistant alloys, phase transformations

School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Adelaide, Australia

Research Keywords
nanotechnology; functional materials; surface engineering and modifications; nanoporous materials; graphene and 2d materials; drug delivery; sensors; environmental remediation; energy storage

Department of Physics, University of Pisa, Italy

Research Keywords
photonics; rare-earth luminescence; optical spectroscopy; THz spectroscopy; crystal growth

Texas A&M University,Texas,USA

Research Keywords
porous materials; 2D materials; carbons; silicates; surface chemistry; heterogeneous catalysis; separations; drug-delivery; energy storage; batteries; supercapacitors

Sapienza Università di Roma, Roma, Italy

Research Keywords
nanostructured materials (quantum dots, nanowires, 2D crystals); optical properties; hydrogen in semiconductors; optoelectronic devices

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Research Keywords
Two-dimensional materials; computational chemistry; classical and quantum density functional theories; electrode materials of batteries; electrochemistry; adsorption; catalysis; thermodynamic and mechanic properties; metal oxides; metal phosphides; optica

University of California, USA

Research Keywords
micromechanics; multiscale materials modeling; cementitious composites; concrete; ultra high performance concrete

University of Nottingham, UK

Research Keywords
durability and mechanics of construction materials and structures; experimental testing and computational modeling and destructive and nondestructive test methods; evaluation of the mechanical properties and durability of textile reinforced mortars and co

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Research Keywords
2D materials; MXenes; graphene; stability; toxicity; environmental; biotechnology; catalysis; composites


We set up one First Prize, two Second Prizes and three Third Prizes. The winners will receive different bonuses and vouchers, as follows:

First Prize (500 CHF and a 50% discount voucher)

Magnetoplasmonics in Indium Tin Oxide Nanoparticles

Alessio Gabbani, Elvira Fantechi, Gaia Petrucci, Marina Ruggeri, Francesco Pineider

Second Prize (300 CHF and a 30% discount voucher each)

Diamond Magnetometry for Localized Free Radical Measurements in Single Sperm Cell

Thamir Hamoh, Claudia Reyes, Yue Zhang, Runrun Li, Alina Sigaeva, Thea Vedelaar, Jakub Kawalko, Aldona Mzyk, Romana Schirhagl

HyCARE: Hydrogen Carrier for Renewable Energy Storage

Erika Michela Dematteis, Jussara Barale, Mattia Costamagna, Paola Rizzi, Marcello Baricco, Camel Makhloufi, Nils Bornemann,

Bettina Neumann, Carlo Luetto, Holger Stühff, Matteo Testi, Chiara Pellegrini, Luigi Crema, Giovanni Capurso, José Bellosta Von Colbe,

Klaus Taube, Bjorn Hauback, Monica Risso, Sabina Fiorot, Davide Damosso, Fermin Cuevas, Michel Latroche

Third Prize (200 CHF and a 20% discount voucher each)

Gold-Based Nanoparticles on Amino-Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Supports as Nanozymes for Glucose Oxidation

Javier Bonet Aletá, Mari Carmen Ortega-Liébana, Jose L. Hueso Martos, Jesús Santamaría

Smart and Connected Stent with Nanomembrane Sensors for Wireless Monitoring of Hemodynamics

Robert Herbert, Hyo-Ryoung Lim, Woon-Hong Yeo

Synthesis, Integrity, and Biocompatibility of scFvD2B Coated Gold Nanoparticles in Human Blood

Nadim Mitri, Kamil Rahme, Giulio Fracasso, Esther Ghanem

Note: The voucher can be applied to manuscripts submitted to Materials before 31 December 2021.


  1. Can I submit more than one poster?

We have no limit on the number of poster submissions.

  1. Can I submit a poster in other formats, such as word, pdf?

We do not accept submissions in other formats; please convert your poster into the correct format before submitting.

  1. If my picture has been published by another publisher, can I use it in this competition?

Please refer to the copyright regulations of the relevant publishers. Any entries should not have copyright issues.

  1. Can I use pictures from the Internet?

We encourage posters that reflect your original work. Content downloaded directly from the Internet is not acceptable. If you need to use any web images, please first confirm there are no copyright issues.

  1. Is it possible to publish an extended paper of the poster in Materials?

Materials welcomes your submission, but note that all submissions must be peer-reviewed prior to publication. For more details, please check at

  1. Is it free to register in this competition?

We do not charge any fees to participants, and all processes are conducted online.

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