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The 1st Electronic Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences

Part of the Electronic Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences series
1–31 Mar 2011
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Welcome from the Chairs

Welcome to The 1st Electronic Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences

Call for Papers

The research within pharmaceutical sciences is progressing fast and simultaneously, activities within both industry and academy are becoming more globalized. Successful research requires interaction with several units around the world. We are facing an obvious need for new types of communication within our scientific community. electronic conferences provide a platform for fast exchange of the latest research findings, as well as a possibility for global meetings with no limitations related to travelling.

The Electronic Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences 2011 (ECPS 2011) will cover timely research topics within pharmaceutical sciences. The first session will focus on the recent developments within nanosciences (Section A). The second session has a focus on imaging techniques with a specific aim of improving our current understanding of the performance of dosage forms (Section B). The third session is related to the field of manufacturing sciences - recent introduction of Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) concepts is underlining the need of fundamental research in this area (Section C). The last session will provide insights into the latest developments in the field of delivery systems for peptide and protein drugs (Section D).

Conference Chairs

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Instructions for Authors

Procedure for Submission, Peer-Review, Revision and Acceptance of Conference Proceedings Papers
1. Scholars interested in participating with the conference can submit their abstract (about 200-300 words covering the areas of Communications for the proceedings issue) online on this website until 17 January 2011.

2. The conference committee will pre-evaluate, based on the submitted abstract, whether a contribution from the scholar (the author of the abstract) will be welcome for this edition of ECPS-2011. All authors will be notified by 7 February 2011 about the acceptance of their abstract.

3. If the abstract is accepted for this conference, the author is asked to submit his full communication paper, optionally along with a PowerPoint presentation of his/her paper, until the submission deadline of 20 February 2011.

4. The conference committee will then organize a round of peer-review of the submitted communication papers, and authors are eventually asked to revise their paper based on peer-reviewer's comments.

5. Finally, accepted communication papers will appear on the website immediately after their acceptance.

6. Presented communications papers can be discussed, commented and rated during the time of the conference, 1-31 March 2011.
Proceedings Paper
Communications for the proceedings issue must have the following organization:

  • Title
  • Full author names
  • Affiliations and authors' e-mail addresses
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
Material and Methods
Results and Discussion

Communications should be prepared in MS Word or any other word processor and should be converted to the PDF format before submission. The publication format will be PDF. The Communication paper should count at least 3 pages (incl. figures, tables and references). There is no page limit on the length, although authors are asked to keep their papers as concise as possible.
Presentation Slides
Authors are encouraged to preare a couple of slides in PowerPoint or similar software, to be displayed online along with the Communication. Slides, if available, will be displayed directly in the website using's proprietary slides viewer. Slides can be prepared in exactly the same way as for any traditional conference where research results can be presented. Slides should be converted to the PDF format before submission so that our process can easily and automatically convert them for online displaying.
Submissions should be done by the authors online by registering with, and using the "new submission" function once logged into system.
MDPI AG, the publisher of the platform, is an open access publisher. We believe that authors should retain the copyright to their scholarly works. Hence, by submitting a Communication paper to this conference, you retain the copyright of your paper, but you grant MDPI AG the non-exclusive right to publish this paper online on the platform. This means you can easily submit your paper to any scientific journal at a later stage and transfer the copyright to its publisher (if required by that publisher).

List of accepted submissions (27)

Id Title Authors Poster PDF
sciforum-001870 Image Analysis as a Tool for Fast Stability Screening of Solid Dispersions

, , ,

Submitted: 10 Jan 2011

Abstract: Show Abstract
, , , N/A Show Abstract
sciforum-001871 Preliminary Assesments of Solid Crystal Suspensions Using Nonlinearmicroscopy

, , ,

Submitted: 12 Jan 2011

Abstract: Show Abstract
, , , N/A Show Abstract
sciforum-001872 Comparison of Two Methods Detecting Lysozyme Adsorption to Oil-water Interface in the Presence of Surfactants

, , ,

Submitted: 13 Jan 2011

Abstract: Show Abstract
, , , N/A Show Abstract
sciforum-001873 Risk Analysis of Controlled Release Tablet Formulation by Six Sigma Technique


Submitted: 13 Jan 2011

Abstract: Show Abstract
, N/A Show Abstract
sciforum-001877 Raman Spectroscopy as a Process Analytical Tool for In-line and Real-time Monitoring of a Pharmaceutical Hot-melt Extrusion Process

, , ,

Submitted: 13 Jan 2011

Abstract: Show Abstract
, , , N/A Show Abstract

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Proceedings & Editors

Jukka Rantanen
Kaisa Naelapää
Jely He

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ISBN: 3-906980-29-4
Published in 2012 by MDPI, Basel, Switzerland
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Conference Discussions


Paper Comments

Re: weight change in amorphous form
Thanks for the good comment. No we have not obtained the weight of the sample after dissol...
weight change in amorphous form
Was the before and after weight taken of the amorphous sample? Would this correlate to the...

Conference Organizers

Scientific Secretary

Dr. Kaisa Naelapää
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Arvind Bansal
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), India

Prof. Dr. Anne Juppo
University of Helsinki, Finland

Prof. Dr. Peter Kleinebudde
Heinrich-Heine-University, Germany

Prof. Dr. Ken Morris
University of Hawaii at Hilo, USA

Prof. Dr. João Pinto
University of Lisbon, Portugal

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rades
University of Otago, New Zealand

Prof. Dr, Jean Paul Remon
Ghent University, Belgium

Dr. Axel Zeitler
University of Cambridge, UK

Conference Chair

Prof. Dr. Jukka Rantanen

Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen

(please direct your e-mails about ECPS 2011 to Ms Jely He)

Editorial Office

Ms Jely He

MDPI Tongzhou Office
Suites 307-308, Liyuanbeijie Road 186
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