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Performance Evaluation of a Specialised Pressure Sensor for Pick and Place Operations

A piezo resistive electrical bagging material with minimal cost and profile, linqstat or Velostat is a good choice for pressure sensing systems in robotic arm grippers. This paper's main objective is to examine the performance of a unique Velostat-based pressure sensor system for supplying real-time grasping pressure profiles during the lifting of calibrated weights. The copper conductive tape was used to build the sensor, and it was positioned on top of and beneath the velostat sheet to serve as electrodes. The accuracy, repeatability, and hysteresis responses of the pressure sensor system were examined through a variety of experiments, as well as through testing with calibrated weights ranging from 100 gm to 2000 gm in steps.

In addition to evaluating the mechanical and time-dependent aspects of this tactile sensor, we looked into other options for measuring the characteristics of electrical impulses. By running tests in static, long-term load, and cyclic modes, the sensor's response was assessed. The sensor's hysteresis and nonlinear characteristics were discovered through experimental results of loading cycle measurements. By evaluating the sensor's response at various separations from the loaded point, the transverse resolution of the sensor was determined. The velostat proved to be a realistic option as sensitive material for sensors with a single electrode pair, depending on the sensor's sensitivity, hysteresis, reaction time, loading conditions and deformation.

The area where the sensor based on a composite material Velostat might be implemented has been verified by experimental study results.