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ISIS Summit Vienna 2015—The Information Society at the Crossroads

3–7 Jun 2015, Vienna, Austria
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Conference Chairs

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I. Invited Speech
S1. Conference Stream DTMD 2015
S2. Conference Stream ICPI 2015
S3. Conference Stream ICTS 2015
T1. Conference Track: (Big) history of information
T1.0. Conference Track: Advanced hair-splitting (combinatorics)
T1.0.1. Conference Track: Andrew Feenberg's technical politics and ICTs
T1.1. Conference Track: As we may teach
T1.2. Conference Track: China and the global information society
T1.3. Conference Track: Communication, information and reporting
T1.4. Conference Track: Cyberpeace
T2. Conference Track: Emancipation or disempowerment of man?
T2.1. Conference Track: Emergence of and in (self-)organizing work systems
T2.2. Conference Track: Emergent systems, information and society
T3. Conference Track: Empowering patients
T3.0. Conference Track: Homo informaticus
T3.1. Conference Track: Human resilience and human vulnerability
T3.2. Conference Track: ICT and literature
T3.3. Conference Track: ICTs and power relations
T4. Conference Track: Information in the exact sciences and symmetry
T5. Conference Track: Informational warfare
T6. Conference Track: Multi-level semiosis
T7. Conference Track: Music, information and symmetry
T7.1. Conference Track: Natural disasters
T7.2. Conference Track: Progress in Information Studies in China
T8. Conference Track: Searching to create a humanized civilization
T8.1. Conference Track: The ethics of foundations
T9. Conference Track: The Global Brain
T9.1. Conference Track: Transdisciplinary response and responsibility
T9.2. Conference Track: Triangular relationship
T9.3. Conference Track: Weaving the understanding of information

Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors
Procedure for Submission, Peer-Review, Revision and Acceptance of Extended Abstracts

The conference will accept extended abstracts only. The accepted abstracts will be available online on during and after the conference. Papers based on the extended abstracts can be published by authors in the journal of their choice later on. The conference will not publish a proceedings volume.

Submission of Abstracts & Conference Registration

Submissions of abstracts should be done by the authors online. If you do not already have an user account with this website, please create one by registering with After registration, please log in to your user account, and use the Submit New Abstract. Please chose the ISIS Summit Vienna 2015 conference in the first step. In the second step, choose the appropriate conference stream or conference session. In the third step you will be asked to type in the title, abstract and optionally keywords. In the fourth and last step, you will be asked to enter all co-authors, their e-mail addresses and affiliations.

  1. Scholars interested in participating in paper sessions of the Summit can submit their extended abstract (about 750 to 2'000 words) online on this website until 27 February 2015.
  2. The International Program Committee will review and decide about the suitability of abstracts for the ISIS Summit Vienna 2015. All authors will be notified by 20 March 2015 about the acceptance of their extended abstract.
  3. If the abstract is accepted for this conference, the authors will be asked to send the a formatted version of the extended abstract as a PDF file by end of May 2015.
  4. Please register with the conference before or once your abstract is accepted. Please note that the acceptance of an abstract will not automatically register you with the conference. The abstract submission and conference registration are two separate processes.
Extended Abstract Format

Please use the abstract template. The formatted version of the extended abstracts must have the following organization:

  • Title
  • Full author names
  • Affiliations (including full postal address) and authors' e-mail addresses
  • Extended Abstract (750 to 2'000 words)
  • References
Manuscript Preparation
  • Paper Format: A4 paper format, the printing area is 17.5 cm x 26.2 cm. The margins should be 1.75 cm on each side of the paper (top, bottom, left, and right sides).
  • Paper Length: The manuscript should be about 3 pages long (incl. references).
  • Formatting / Style: Please use the template to prepare your abstract (see on top of this page).
  • References & Citations: The full titles of cited papers and books must be given. Reference numbers should be placed in square brackets [ ], and placed before the punctuation; for example [4] or [1-3], and all the references should be listed separately and as the last section at the end of the manuscript.
  • Authors List and Affiliation Format: Authors' full first and last names must be given. Abbreviated middle name can be added. For papers written by various contributors a corresponding author must be designated. The PubMed/MEDLINE format is used for affiliations: complete street address information including city, zip code, state/province, country, and email address should be added. All authors who contributed significantly to the manuscript (including writing a section) should be listed on the first page of the manuscript, below the title of the article. Other parties, who provided only minor contributions, should be listed under Acknowledgments only. A minor contribution might be a discussion with the author, reading through the draft of the manuscript, or performing English corrections.
  • Figures, Schemes and Tables: Authors are encouraged to prepare figures and schemes in color. Figure and schemes must be numbered (Figure 1, Scheme I, Figure 2, Scheme II, etc.) and a explanatory title must be added. Tables should be inserted into the main text, and numbers and titles for all tables supplied. All table columns should have an explanatory heading. Please supply legends for all figures, schemes and tables. The legends should be prepared as a separate paragraph of the main text and placed in the main text before a table, a figure or a scheme.
Copyright to the extended abstracts will stay with the authors of the paper. Authors will be asked to grant MDPI AG (Publisher of the Sciforum platform) and ISIS (organizer of the conference) a non-exclusive, non-revokable license to publish the abstracts online and possibly in print under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. As authors retain the rights to their abstracts and papers, papers can be published elsewhere later.

List of accepted submissions (217)

Id Title Authors Poster PDF
sciforum-004197 KETCindy - supporting tool to convert students' findings intoknowledge in collegiate mathematics education , , , , , , N/A Show Abstract
sciforum-004380 Customer service quality for online shopping: Evidence from

, , ,

Submitted: 27 Mar 2015

Abstract: Show Abstract
, , , N/A Show Abstract
sciforum-004115 Quantification of audiences as a decision-making factor in Slovene web journalism


Submitted: 27 Feb 2015

Abstract: Show Abstract
, N/A Show Abstract
sciforum-004011 The Social Interaction Characteristics of Mobil-Mediated Communication:An Exploration Study of Interpersonal Communication Behavior in Mobile Channel

, ,

Submitted: 27 Feb 2015

Abstract: Show Abstract
, , N/A Show Abstract
sciforum-003462 Scale, Hyperscale and Metascalar Information in Living Systems

, ,

Submitted: 03 Feb 2015

Abstract: Show Abstract
, , N/A Show Abstract

About This Conference

Please refer to the official ISIS Summit pages for call for papers and programme.

Conference Schedule

Please refer to the official ISIS Summit page for schedule.

Travel & Registration Information

Please refer to the official ISIS Summit page for travel and accommodation information. Below is the list of available registration rates. Please use the registration form to register with the ISIS Summit Vienna 2015.

Regular Registrations
  • Early Bird academics: 400.00 EUR
  • Regular academics: 500.00 EUR
  • Early Bird non-academics: 530.00 EUR
  • Regular non-academics: 700.00 EUR
Special Rates
  • Students: 120.00 EUR
  • Retired persons: 120.00 EUR
  • Unemployed: 120.00 EUR
  • Persons with special needs: 120.00 EUR
  • Citizens of BRICS, newly independent countries, developing countries: 120.00 EUR
  • ISIS members (special offer): 120.00 EUR
Special Rates for Members / Affiliates / Co-workers of Participating Groups
  • Early Bird ISIS member: 120.00 EUR
  • Early Bird DTMD workshop participant with presentation: 120.00 EUR
  • Early Bird FIS group mailing list member: 120.00 EUR
  • Early Bird ICTs-and-Society Network member: 120.00 EUR
  • Early Bird International Center for Philosophy of Information affiliate: 120.00 EUR
  • Early Bird B.S.Lab affiliate: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird BCSSS member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Communications Engineering (University of Linz) co-worker: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Department of Communication (University of Vienna) co-worker: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Department of Systems Analysis (University of Economics Prague) co-worker: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Global Brain Institute affiliate: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird IACAP member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird IANES affiliate: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird ICIE member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Institut für Design Science München member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Institute for Sustainable Economic Development (BOKU) co-worker: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird ISA member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird ISBS member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird ITA (OAW) co-worker: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird ITHEA member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird KHG member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Leibniz-Sozietät member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Media, Technology & Research Group affiliate: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Moscow Conservatory affiliate: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird OCG member: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird SFU co-worker: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird Szeged Information History Workshop affiliate: 320.00 EUR
  • Early Bird FIfF member: 320.00 EUR
Fee Waivers
  • Invited speaker, chair, convenor, moderator, curator: 0.00 EUR
  • Staff: 0.00 EUR
  • Press: 0.00 EUR
  • Sponsored: 0.00 EUR
  • TU Wien course student: 0.00 EUR
Internal Rates
  • Accompanying participant: 200.00 EUR
  • I intend to take part in the eve reception on 3 June 2015 in Vienna: 0.00 EUR
  • I intend to take part in the social dinner at the floating Summit on 7 June 2015: 0.00 EUR

Call for Participation

Please refer to the official ISIS Summit page for call for participation.