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Sustainability Webinar | Grazing in Future Multi-Scapes: From Thoughtscapes to Landscapes, Creating Health from the Ground Up

29 Jul 2020, 00:00

Sustainable Agriculture, Resoration Ecology, Sustainable Development, Livestock Production Systems, Agroecosystems Design, Management of Landscapes, Wildlife-Livestock Interactions
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Webinar Information

2nd Webinar on Sustainability - an Open Access Journal

Grazing in Future Multi-Scapes: From Thoughtscapes to Landscapes, Creating Health from the Ground Up

The purpose of this Special Issue is to influence future mental and practical models of pastoralism in continually evolving multiscapes. We seek a collection of papers that will cultivate such a shift in thinking towards future models of sustainable multipurpose pastoralism. The contributions will be synthesized to establish how multifunctional pastoral systems can be re-imagined and then designed in view of the integrative dynamics of sustainable future multiscapes.

These and more will be discussed during the webinar.

Date: 29 July 2020

Time: 6am (CEST) | 2pm (AEST) | 4pm (NZST) | 28 July, 10pm (MDT)

Webinar ID: 856 5438 3980

Webinar Secretariat:

The following experts will present and speak:

Prof. Iain Gordon

Prof. Iain Gordon

Professor, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University

My life’s work has been connecting with people in creating a future for livestock and rural communities that is not just about producing food but focused on the relationships we have with our domestic animals and the nature in which we live and work.

Prof. Pablo Gregorini

Prof. Pablo Gregorini

Head of the Centre of Excellence: Designing Future Productive Landscapes

Land-users, policy makers and societies are calling for alternative approaches to pastoral systems; a call for diversified-adaptive and integrative agro-ecological and food-pastoral-systems designs that operate across multiple scales and ‘scapes’, simultaneously. There needs to be a paradigm shift in pastoral production systems and how grazing herbivores are managed –grazed- within them, derived initially from a change in perception of wealth and how they provide it.

Prof. Fred Provenza

Prof. Fred Provenza

Emeritus Professor, Utah State University

With the colossal changes occurring as human impact environments worldwide, we need to reinvent pastoral agriculture in nature’s image. The foods/animals we eat, and how we graze and produce them, impact the health of humans and the planet. We need to create mythologies and practices that link our health to the health of the planet, physically and spiritually.


The webinar will start at 06:00 am (CEST) and last maximum 1 hour 30 minutes



Prof. Pablo Gregorini


06:00 am (CEST)

Prof. Pablo Gregorini


06:10 am (CEST)

Prof. Fred Provenza


06:25 am (CEST)

Prof. Iain Gordon


06:40 am (CEST)


06:55 am (CEST)

Webinar Content

On Monday 29 July 2020, MDPI and Sustainability organized the second webinar on Sustainability, entitled: “Grazing in Future Multi-Scapes: From Thoughtscapes to Landscapes, Creating Health from the Ground Up”.

The first speaker was Prof. Pablo Gregorini. He is the Head of Centre of Excellence at the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Lincoln University New Zealand. Prof. Gregorini introduced the audience and held the first presentation with the title "ThoughtScapes". Prof. Fred Provenza, who is an Emeritus Professor, at the Utah State University was the second speaker of the webinar. His presentation was entitled "FoodScapes" and he was followed by Prof. Iain Gordon. Prof. Iain Gordon is a Professor at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University. His presentation was named "WildScapes" and was the last presentation of the webinar.

Their presentations were followed by a discussion and Q&A session moderated.

The webinar was offered via Zoom and required registration to attend. The full recording can be found here on Sciforum website. In order to stay updated on the next webinars on Sustainability, be sure to sign up for our newsletter by clicking on “Subscribe” at the top of the page.

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