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Passive film evolution over 2.5 years of lean-duplex stainless steel reinforcements embedded in mortar containing chlorides
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1  The University of Akron


The corrosion behavior, semiconducting properties and chemical composition of the passive film formed on lean-duplex stainless steel LDSS 2001, LDSS 2304 and AISI 304 reinforcements embedded in OPC mortar containing chloride, 0, 0.4, 2 and 4 wt.% Cl; after 2.5 years were studied. The Ceff,film of LDSS 2001 remained constant at 3×10‒5 F/cm2 for all Cl concentrations. Flat-band potential, EFB,A, of LDSS 2001 increased with the Cl concentration, suggesting a Cr2O3 film more prone to accept electrons, reducing the vacancy density. The enrichment in chromium in the passive film of LDSS 2001 after 2.5 years increases from 44% to 61%.

Keywords: Stainless steel rebars; Reinforced concrete; Passive film; EIS; Mott-Schottky; XPS