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Evaluating the Practicality of Spinosad for Use in Packaging Materials
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1  United States Department of Agriculture - ARS - CGAHR
Academic Editor: Rob Morrison


Stored product insects are capable of infesting bagged grain commodities causing significant losses. Insecticide treated packaging is an option that may prevent infestations. The objective of this study was to investigate packaging incorporating spinosad alone or in combination with methoprene, on the efficacy against Trogoderma variabile Ballion, warehouse beetle, larvae. There was 100% suppression of adult emergence from larvae exposed to the combination treatment on cardstock and polymer packaging. The Spinosad only treatment was more effective at inhibiting adult emergence on polymer packaging. This study demonstrated the potential use of spinosad based packaging material to control T. variabile.

Keywords: packaging, warehouse beetle, spinosad, methoprene, integrated pest management, organic