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Spatial patterning of Gonystylus brunnescens in a Bornean forest
* 1 , 2
1  Department of Natural Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University
2  Research Centre for Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Academic Editor: Victor Resco de Dios (registering DOI)

Improved understanding of spatial patterning in tropical forests can lead to a better insight into mechanisms underpinning ecological processes and species diversity. In this study, we examined the spatial patterns of Gonystylus brunnescens (Thymeliaceae) in two tropical forest sites of East Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo). Whilst Gonystylus bancanus has been well-studied due to its commercial importance, and anecdotal evidence suggests clumped distributions, other species in this genus have received far less interest. Analysis of spatial patterns of all life stages showed a broadly clumped distribution of stems although the association between seedlings and adult trees was less clear. This suggests clumped dispersal by animals away from adults. We also found differences between the two sites in terms of spatial patterns although this may be to do with the shape of the plots rather than underlying ecological processes. Overall, our data adds to our knowledge of the spatial patterns and ecological understanding of this little known, but widespread, genus.

Keywords: borneo; ramin; spatial statistics