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Significance of Software Development Models in Current Context
* 1 , * 2
1  Patna Women's College, India
2  Patliputra University, India
Academic Editor: Humbert G. Díaz


As we know with the advancement of a various software development models over the past years, it became a subject of an extreme interest to a reason and segregates them relying upon the applications, favorable circumstances and inconveniences. There are different elements that influence the software development activities; they must even be taken care of once we choose a development model. Several software products come to fail because of reasons like an associate unskilled developer, a time limit, a poor quality, a less client association and considerably more. A software development models ought to be selected with wisdom watching the conditions, and a quality of the developer, a user, a time and the complexes of the project. Of these factors play an important role within the success of the project. A software development models will be categorized as lightweight models and hefty weight models. This paper discusses various models on completely different metrics with execs associated cons of each of them and additionally facilitate to choose an acceptable model relying upon the project.

Keywords: Spiral model, Waterfall model, Agile Model, RAD Model