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Coconut Tree Disease Identification Using Image Processing -To Set A New Trend In Agriculture
1  Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology and Management
2  DSATM,Bengaluru
Academic Editor: Humbert G. Díaz


The proposed System helps in identification of coconut tree disease and provide the remedies that can be used as a protective mechanism against the disease it is the major objective of the project, in which it focuses on increasing the quality of the product and yield. It is difficult for a farmer to monitor the coconut tree disease manually which may consume a lot of time. The symptoms can be found on leaf, stem, fruits and lesions of a tree. The proposed system provides the usage of mobile phones to capture the image of the affected parts of a tree, and then it will be verified by the expertise and the result will be sent to the farmer and the also the remedy that can be taken as a cure.

Keywords: Image processing, Disease identification, RGB Color Model