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Good Vibes for Artificial Intelligence
1  IKERDATA S.L., ZITEK, University of Basque Country UPVEHU, Rectorate Building, 48940, Leioa, Basque Country, Spain
Academic Editor: Humberto Díaz


When Ctesibius of Alejandria in 250 BC built the first self-controlled machine (the first water flow regulator) he never imagined that it would take several centuries, for the term Artificial Intelligence to be spoken of for the first time at the Dartmounth Conference in 1956, even though there being signs of it throughout the years, prior to this date. Today, talking about this terminology and its importance for the development of humanity is a reality.

Simply, man has proposed to build, design, implement systems with intelligence similar to human intelligence, something we cannot be oblivious to, if we take into account the benefits that it would bring to humanity itself, which is experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution with development of digitization, where Artificial Intelligence plays a great role in the digital transformation of society. We are living in the digital age, so it is very inspiring to address this issue, if we take into account that this is already part of our daily lives, not only with the improvement that it entails in health care, but also in different sectors such as agriculture , energy, the economy, transport, communications, climate change, citizen security, and even the conquest of space and other planets by man. The opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence are unlimited, not only to citizens, but also contributes to business development and public interest services, which makes the impact of the aforementioned systems verifiable in two perspectives, the individual and the society as a whole, all with a supreme purpose. That is, to achieve the increase of the well-being of the human being, therefore we must be aware that artificial intelligence is a means, not an end, it must be at human service.

Keywords: AI