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Academic Editor: Antonello Santini


Food plays a crucial role both in healthy and diseased condition. Healthy life starts with heathy food. In Ayurveda, ahara comes under one among the three supporting pillars of life. One should take food only depending on his digestive fire. In Ayurveda, six ritus (seasons) have been detailed and specific dietary and life style regimens are also well explained. There is a great inter-connection between ahara, gut microbiome and seasons. Adopting Ritucharya (seasonal regimen) could provide great opportunity to make aware of the dynamics of human gut flora and save the host from the pathological manifestations of seasonal variations and other diverse causes. Strict compliance to the seasonal regimens, resorting to seasonal foods etc., can alter the gut microbiome in sync to one that is favourable to health promotion. The lifestyle and dietary factors can profoundly alter the commensal microbial communities, the dysbiosis of which can augment pathogen susceptibility, inflammatory diseases and the current epidemic of metabolic health problems like non-communicable diseases. Modern science has particularly described Ahara according to the nutritional value of its components like carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals etc. They have not described about Hita-ahita (good and bad effects), Pathya-apathya Ahara (do’s and don’ts) etc. for each individual. In Ayurveda, such classification is based on the biological action of the ahara and their rasa(taste). For example, on the basis of carbohydrate content all type rice may be treated as one group. But Ayurveda considers freshly harvested rice is heavy for digestion. But old rice stored for over six months is considered to be light and more useful for an average person. Entire life of an individual depends upon food. If proper food is consumed it provides satisfaction, nourishment, firmness/steadiness of the body, strength, immunity etc. In Ayurveda, foods are used to support and bring out the three qualities of mind namely, satvika (Quality of purity and harmony), rajasika (Quality of Passion and Manipulation) and thamasika (darkness, destruction). Satvik diet is best for maintaining physical strength, good mind, health and longevity and also helps in calming and purifying mind and appears to be similar to a modern but prudent dietary pattern.

Keywords: ahara; ahara AND season; Ahara AND Ayurveda; gut microbiota