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UV LED - based photocatalytic oxidation of selected VOCs
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1  Miami University
Academic Editor: Vincenzo Vaiano

  • We investigated a photocatalytic process to oxidize volatile organic compound (VOC) vapors. The photocatalytic process utilized ultraviolet (λ=365 nm) light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) as light sources and photocatalytic (TiO2) films coated on the inside surfaces of the reactor. These reactor systems can be applied to mobile and niche applications. UV-LEDs are small, robust light sources that require low direct current (DC) power, which could be provided by a battery. The study results include the design, construction, and demonstration of a lab-scale UV-LED-based photocatalytic system that is capable of reducing or eliminating VOC vapors in air. Test results have demonstrated the sensitivity of the effectiveness of the UV-LED-based photocatalytic system on operating parameters, including flow rate, concentration, type of VOC, humidity, and longevity.
Keywords: UV-LED; photocatalysis; VOC