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Design of a Characterization Environment for a MEMS Ultrasound Sensor under Guided Ultrasonic Wave Excitation
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1  TU Braunschweig, Institute of Mechanics and Adaptronics
2  TU Braunschweig, Institute of Microtechnology
3  TU Braunschweig, Institute of Microtechnology
Academic Editor: Stefan Bosse


In this work, a characterization environment for a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) pickup under guided ultrasonic wave (GUW) excitation is being developed. The dispersive behavior of GUW, reflections and other kinds of wave interactions, might result in a complex wave field which requires a specific analysis and interpretation of the recorded signals. This makes it difficult or impossible to interpret the sensor signal regarding the distinguishability between the sensor transfer behavior and the specific behavior of the test structure. Therefore, a proper application-suited design of the tested structure is crucial for reliable sensor characterization. The aim of this contribution is the design and evaluation of a setup that allows a representative situation for a GUW application and discusses a defined input of vibration energy at the sensor location. Parameters as the specimen’s geometry, material properties and the sensor specifications that serve the definition of the specimen setup are taken into account as well as the experimental settings of the GUW excitation. Furthermore the requirements for the test application case will be discussed.

Keywords: Guided Ultrasonic Waves (GUW); Micro-Electro-Mechanical System; Test Bed; Structural Dynamics