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Volumetric Change of the Coastal Dunes of the Isla De Buda (Ebro Delta) Between 2005 and 2017 Using LIDAR Data
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1  Departamento de Biología, Geología, Física y Química Inorgánica. ESCET. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. C/ Tulipán s/n 28933 Móstoles (Madrid), Spain.
Academic Editor: Yongping Chen (registering DOI)

The latest storms have highlighted the vulnerability of the Ebro delta coast, especially in the Buda Island area. There, the dune field is being significantly reduced due to erosion caused by large waves. This paper shows the volumetric variation of the dune field of the Buda Island using LiDAR data in the period 2005-2017. By 2017, almost half of the area and volume of the dunes that were present in 2005 had been lost. Changes in this coastal stretch as a result of storms Gloria (2020) and Filomena (2021) have also been analysed using Sentinel-2 images. The results show that the Buda Island suffers a strong erosion that involves the loss of a large part of the dune sediments and the retreat of the coastline.

Keywords: coastal dunes; LiDAR data; Buda Island