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Synthesis and molecular docking of N,N'-[succinylbis(oxy)]dibenzamides as inhibitors of Cathepsin S and Cathepsin K.
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1  St. Petersburg State University of Chemistry and Pharmacy, St. Petersburg
Academic Editor: Julio A. Seijas


The reaction of interaction of benzhydroxamic and 4-nitrobenzhydroxamic acids with succinic acid chloride, carried out in an acetonitrile medium during boiling, has been studied. It was revealed that the result of the reaction is the formation of N,N'-[succinylbis(oxy)]dibenzamides, the structure of which was proved by 1H, 13C NMR. Using the online program PASS, the biological activity of the obtained compounds was predicted. It was found that N,N'-[succinylbis(oxy)]dibenzamides can inhibit cathepsins (enzymes that degrade protein) with a high probability. Using the online program Mcule, molecular docking of the obtained dibenzamides and their analogs with Cathepsin S, Cathepsin K was carried out, and ligands with the highest affinity for the Cathepsin family were identified. Using the Hyperchem program, semiempirical methods were used to analyze the possibility of synthesizing suitable ligands.

Keywords: N,N'-[succinylbis(oxy)]dibenzamides; Cathepsin; benzhydroxamic acids; inhibitor