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DIGITAL CHALLENGES OVER TEACHING IN A PANDEMIC ERA: a study case in the Atacama University
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1  Medical School, Universidad de Atacama, Copiapó 1530000, Chile
2  Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Education, Universidad de Atacama, Copiapó 1530000, Chile
3  Faculty of Education, University of Campinas, Campinas 13083865, Brazil
4  Departamento de Matemática, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Atacama, Copiapó 1530000, Chile
Academic Editor: María N. Moreno García (registering DOI)

In the context of e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, medical education has suffered a significant impact on its training process due to various factors, such as the suspension of access to university and/or clinical fields, therefore, it is essential to know the perception of medical students about teaching methods during the pandemic period and its impact on their careers. In this way, this study aimed to investigate, in medical students from the University of Atacama (UDA), Chile, about their perception and factor related to the digital teaching methods adopted by UDA-Faculty of Medicine courses. As a preliminary study, we studied a survey through a sample of 51 students and containing 32 questions that involved 3 theoretical dimensions (sociodemographic background, information preferences, and learning perception styles). We aimed to investigate elements, using a causal inference method (Bayesian Network), that unravels the relationship across these theoretical dimensions that correspond to meaningful learning. Based on these analyzes, we were able to find the information process flow related to 20 questions towards the significant learning, and characteristics associated with the learning process. This work sought to develop a better understanding of alternative active methodologies and their effectiveness for the medical career.

Keywords: Education; e-Learning; Causal inference; Significant learning; Bayesian networks
Comments on this paper
Mona Almansoori
Interesting title, and it is very popular topic and most of the studies during this pandemic in all countries are looking for Digital challenges .
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on business continuity in all different fields, including education and most importantly medical universities that require field attendance and the necessary practical training to raise the student’s scientific competence in the laboratories designated for this, which required the presence of the need for virtual laboratories on the cloud and the need to develop alternative plans for the continuity of learning, such as work Remotely, developing a technological infrastructure and supporting all the resources required for the medical sector.

Diego Nascimento
Thank you very much for this comment. We found a great need to search towards this topic here in the UDA medical school given the great challenge that is on e-learning. We still have a great way to go, whereas new data collection is ongoing (adopting EEG and eye-tracking). Though, with the results of this work, we could first map the main topics and the direction to start.