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Tetrachlorosilane-A Versatile Reagent in Organic Synthesis
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1  Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, 35516-Mansoura, Egypt
2  Chemistry Department, Faculty of Education, Amran University, Amran, Yemen

Abstract: A recent increased attention is witnessed to the use of tetrachlorosilane (TCS), a cheap industrial intermediate, as a versatile reagent in organic synthesis. For example, TCS was used as an effective dehydrating agent, trans-silylating reagent and as a starting substrate for in situ preparation of other useful stoichiometric reagents in synthetic organic chemistry. Of these reagents TCS-NaI (Iodotrichlorosilane, ITCS), TCS-NaN3 (azidochlorosilanes) and TCS in combination with ZnCl2, Zn, KCN, Na2S and others. Some selected synthetic applications of TCS as dehydrating agent as well as one of its based "in situ" reagents (TCS-NaN3) are briefly highlighted herein.
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