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NEURODAT'21 IBRO-PERC Lecture on Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) Systems in Neuroscience
1  Department of Computer Sciences, University of A Coruña (UDC), A Coruña, 15071, A Coruña, Spain.
Academic Editor: Humberto Díaz (registering DOI)

This is the slideshow presentation of talk by Prof. Cristian R. Munteanu presented as part of the NEURODAT’21 training program funded by IBRO-PERC Soft Skills Training call of the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) and the Pan-Europe Regional Committee (PERC). NEURODAT’21 is devoted to promote soft skills on entry level medicine and also STEMS area students interested on neurosciences. The talk includes two parts, part 1 focuses on Deep Learning models introduction and part 2 focuses on applications to medical diagnosis in Neurosciences. In this second part the talk introduces concepts Computer Assisted Diagnosis systems (CAD), Convolution Neural Network, etc. and also presents a practical case focused on Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. Language note: English-Spanish bi-lingual talk and English text.

Keywords: Neurosciences; Computer Assisted Diagnosis systems (CAD); Convolution Neural Network