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Synthesis of Some New Trisazo Dyes and Toxicity Evaluation with the Hydractinia Echinata Test System
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1  Institute of Chemistry Timisoara of the Romanian Academy, B-dul Mihai Viteazul 24, 300223 Timișoara, Romania
2  Siegstrasse 4, 50859 Koln, Germany
3  West University "Vasile Goldis" Arad, Faculty of Pharmacy, Bdul Revolutiei nr. 77, 310130, Arad, Romania

Abstract: The synthesis of three new trisazo dyes containing 4,4'-diaminobenzanilide as middle component is presented. The dyes were analyzed by thin layer chromatography (TLC), electronic spectra (VIS) and their structure was confirmed by mass spectroscopy (FABS). The toxicity of the synthesized dyes was evaluated by biological tests, using the process of metamorphosis in the marine Hydrozoon Hydractinia echinata. The concentration (termed by MRC50) at which the synthesized dyes (and their precursors) antagonize metamorphosis induction was determined. The obtained results indicate that these dyes exhibit toxicity values which are lying in a low average lows scale of toxicity.
Keywords: Direct dyes, 4,4'-diaminobenzanilide, toxicity, Hydractinia echinata