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CMOS-MEMS Gas Sensor Dubbed GMOS for Selective Analysis of Gases with Tiny Edge Machine Learning
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1  Electrical Engineering Department, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa
Academic Editor: Stefano Mariani


Embedded machine learning, TinyML, is a relatively new and fast-growing field of ML, enabling on-device sensor data analytics at low power requirements. This paper presents possible improvements to GMOS, a gas sensor, using TinyML technology. GMOS is a low-cost catalytic gas sensor, fabricated with the standard CMOS-SOI process, based on a suspended thermal transistor MOS (TMOS). Exothermic combustion reactions lead to temperature increases, which modify the suspended transistor’s (used as the sensing element) current-voltage characteristics. We were able to use GMOS measurements for gas classification (both for gas types, as well as concentration), resulting in high–proficiency gas detection at a low cost. Our preliminary results show great successes in the detection of ethanol and acetone gases. Moreover, we believe the method could be generalized to more gas types, concentrations, and gas mixes in future research.

Keywords: GMOS, gas sensor, TinyML, SOI, MEMS, MOS, sensor, data analytics