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The Interplanetary Internet for Observation and Monitoring of the Solar System
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1  Tecnologico de Monterrey, School of Engineering and Sciences
Academic Editor: Stefano Mariani


The solar system is still uncommunicated and unknown for humankind. To acquire more knowledge about the solar system, we send satellites and rovers to explore those planets, however it is costly and takes a lot of effort. Soil retains information about the environment of celestial bodies, and we can process that information to make decisions about future infrastructure settlements that could provide advantages for the interplanetary Internet. The interplanetary internet communications must be scalable, interoperable, secure, and easy for data transmission. But before thinking about carrying out soil analysis through surface exploration, we can see that the first step is to analyze it using sensing satellites studying the structure of their data collection orbits through intelligent vision. In this paper we propose the use of cameras mounted on sensing satellites for the soil analysis during orbit. The satellite will be equipped with cameras (high-resolution, infrared, spectral, optical) for general scanning of surface elements with AI post-processing, and mass spectrometer for spectroscopy. This equipment will be used to analyze the chemical composition of the surface of the bodies, the magnetic field lines, the material radiation, detecting rocks and gas elements, and identify the surface characteristics, among others. In this paper, we discuss how to develop the architecture of an interplanetary internet physical platform with space-to-ground observations and measurements. A satellite orbiting a celestial body will become a sensor node with physical layers designed with relays and a modular setup, as well as a data transport method and location estimation sensing system, as a basis for the interplanetary Internet system. The design of the interplanetary Internet must consider the information from analysis and observation of celestial bodies variables and parameters, as a fundamental flow of information that must be transported through the network to be further analyzed and used.

Keywords: Interplanetary Internet; Sensing satellite; soil observation