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Development and characterization of calcium carbonate-quince bio-composite for pH triggered release of darfenacin hydrobromide in lower GIT: A green chemistry approach
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1  The University of Lahore
2  Imran Idrees College of Pharmacy
3  The University of Ediburgh
Academic Editor: Vladimir Uversky (registering DOI)

A green chemistry approach was employed to develop gastric pH resistant bio-composites for colon targeted oral delivery of darfenacin hydrobromide. The FTIR, XRD, DSC and TGA results showed good drug-polymer compatibility. The SEM images showed calcite formation in the quince hydrogel system. The drug release of 80% and 34% were observed in a phosphate buffer 6.8 pH and an acidic media, respectively. The restricted drug permeation (approx. 21.8% only) was observed through gastric membrane in an acidic media. The developed formulation significantly inhibited the development of testosterone induced prostatic hyperplasia. No organ toxicity was observed against all the developed formulations.

Keywords: Darfenacine hydrobromide; calcium carbonate-quince bio-composite; green chemistry, benign prostatic hyperplasia; colon targeted delivery system