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Motion planning of triple links robotic system
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1  Cardiff University
Academic Editor: Carlos Marques


The Robogymnast is a complex system formed from a triple-inverted pendulum and mimics the action of a gymnast as they hang by their hands from the high bar and perform progressive upswings to eventually rotate completely around the bar. The three links of the Robogymnast can be compared to the lower limbs, torso, and upper limbs of a gymnast, with a single passive joint and two further stepper-motor powered joints. There is sensor equipment attached to the different links to gather data and control signals. While this system has been 11 physically constructed previously, the current paper describes the approach to automating the 3 link pendulum, as well as describing the system, its parts and set-up. Following this, STM32 is applied for programming, system operation and to present results

Keywords: Robogymnast, multi-link robotic, swing-up, stepper motor.