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Results and Prospects of the Hellenic Open University air shower array
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1  Hellenic Open University
Academic Editor: Jin Min Yang


Astroneu is an array of autonomous Extensive Air Shower detection stations deployed at the Hellenic Open University (HOU) campus on the outskirts of Patras in western Greece. In the first phase of operation 9 scintillators detectors and 3 Radio Frequency (RF) antennas have been installed and operated at the site. The detector units were arranged in three autonomous stations each consisting of three scintillator detectors (SDM) and one RF antenna. In the second phase of operation 3 more antennas were deployed at one station in order to study the correlation of the RF signals from 4 antennas subject to the same shower event. In this report we present the standard offline SDM-RF data and simulations analysis, the main research results concerning the reconstruction of the EAS parameters as well as the prospects of a new compact array that will be deployed by 2023.

Keywords: cosmic rays; extensive air shower; Astroneu; scintillator detectors; radio emission