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Polyherbal Oral Spray for Instant Mouth Refreshing
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1  School of Pharmacy, RK University
Academic Editor: Shaker Mousa


In today’s busy lifestyle, people are experiencing constant shortage of time for their personal care. Focus on personal health and hygiene has reduced to the significant extent. In such situation, health and hygiene of the people are continuously downgrading due to lack of attention towards it. As the solution of such situations, market is full of many instantly acting products containing harmful chemicals and ingredients. Mouth health and hygiene is of prime importance as it is the main gateway of food and also for verbal communication. Tackling the increasing problems related to the health and hygiene of oral cavity and also emerging issues due to excessive use of instant acting products for it is the need of the hour. Herbal formulations are proven treatment options that can deal with such situations without any untoward side effects. We had studied many traditionally used natural items to screen a few of the potent ingredients to formulate an oral spray. Developed polyherbal spray formulation using Clove oil, Peppermint oil, Fennel oil, Piper Betel oil and Cardamom oil was evaluated for various basic parameters. As all of the above herbal ingredients are already proven their activities for maintaining and improving oral hygiene and health, the final product was not evaluated for specific activities. Moreover it don’t require additional facilities like In the nutshell, developed polyherbal spray was found to be a probable alternative for instant mouth refreshning product dealing with majority of oral health and hygiene issues, especially foul smell.

Keywords: Polyherbal, Mouth refreshing, Spray, Oral Health, Oral Hygiene, Foul Smell
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Dharmik Mehta
Very innovative presentation for a basic work.