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Theoretical comparison between α, β-amyrin isomers against Staphylococcus aureus
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1  Postgraduate Program in Bioactive Natural and Synthetic Products, Federal University of Paraíba, Castelo Branco - João Pessoa - Brazil
Academic Editor: Humbert G. Díaz (registering DOI)

The progressive spread of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms is a public health problem, so
the search for new substances with antimicrobial properties has been growing over the years, especially
natural products. Triterpenes are widely distributed in the plant kingdom and have several
pharmacological activities described. Studies involving the stereochemistry of drugs greatly contribute
to the choice of the isomer that is more active and that promotes fewer adverse effects for humans. The
α,β-amyrin isomers in their isolated form may have different or even similar pharmacological properties,
but with different intensities of activity due to the change in the position of the methyl groups that
influence bioactivity. From the studies previously carried out, it was seen that both have antibacterial
activity against S. aureus when they are separated or mixed, leading to the conclusion that there is no
need to separate these two, because the migration of the C-29 methyl does not influence in this type of

Keywords: Chemical; pharmacochemistry; chemoinformatics
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Shan He
What specific methodologies can be employed to differentiate and evaluate the varying pharmacological activities of α,β-amyrin isomers concerning their antibacterial properties against S. aureus, considering the influence of methyl group positioning on bioactivity?

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estefania Ascencio
Could you provide more details on the antibacterial activity of α,β-amyrin isomers against S. aureus?
What specific observations or findings suggest that there is no need to separate these isomers for antibacterial activity?