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Ultra-Long cycle performance of NC-VN/MnO cathode for ZIB based on relay type collaboration
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Academic Editor: Antonio Di Bartolomeo

Published: 05 May 2023 by MDPI in The 4th International Online Conference on Nanomaterials session Poster

The rechargeable aqueous zinc ion battery (ZIB) has many advantages such as high volume specific capacity, high security, easy assembly, low cost, environmental friendliness and abundant zinc resources. However, their specific capacity is still low compared with lithium ion battery, and current academic research interesting has been focused on developing new cathode materials with high specific capacity because they have become the constraints for the applications of ZIB. A simple self-polymerization method at low temperature was used to design the Mn/V hybrid polymer backbone. During the subsequent calcination, ultrafine VN quantum dots and MnO nanoparticles were generated in situ and stably encapsulated in n-doped carbon (NC) shells to obtain a new cathode NC-VN/MnO for AZIBs. The cooperation of MnO and VN is essential for achieving long cycle lifetimes of the NC-VN/MnO cathode in two main ways. Firstly, in the initial phase, NC-VN/MnO is mainly contributed by the MnO to provide capacity, while the VN quantum dots and NC mainly improve the electrode conductivity and avoid the in situ generation of nanosheets by phase change and the dissolution of the active material. Secondly, with the slow oxidation of VN to a layered structure of vanadium oxide, more energy storage sites are exposed that can be used as charging stations for Mn-based oxides. The synergistic relay between the Mn-based and V-based oxides continues to maintain the ultra-long lifetime of ZIB. The NC-VN/MnO cathode exhibited significant long-term cycling capability, with an output capacity of 108.3 mAh g-1 after 12000 cycles at 10 A g-1. These results clearly and fully demonstrate the advantages of the hybrid cathode.

Keywords: VN; MnO; N-doped carbon; heterojunction;