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Innovative method of high sensitivity and separation detection for ciguatoxin analogues by LC-MS/MS
* 1 , 2
1  Shimadzu Corporation
2  Division of Biomedical Food Research, National Institute of Health Sciences
Academic Editor: Panagiota Katikou


Ciguatera Fish Poisoning is the world‘s largest food poisoning. The US FDA recommends an acceptable dose of 0.01 µg CTX1B equivalent/kg. The FDA level of sensitivity detection is possible by using LC/MS/MS equipment of one manufacturer, and a method has been reported to detect [M+Na]+ > [M+Na]+. In this study, we found a highly sensitive method for the detection of ciguatoxins, [M+Na]+ >[M+Na]+ or [M+Li]+ > [M+Li]+, by adding very small amounts of alkali metals such as Na+ or Li+ to the mobile phase. This method suggests that CTXs FDA level detection and high separation chromatography may be able to achieve for LC-MS from any manufacturer.

Keywords: Ciguatera Fish Poisoning; ciguatoxin; LC-MS/MS; CTX1B; CTX3C