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Supply chain for farmers in an unprecedented second wave of the COVID-19
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1  Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
2  Vellore Institute of Technology
3  Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander Ocaña
Academic Editor: Marcello Iriti


The outbreak of Covid-19 challenged the sustainability of global agri-food markets. Through this research, the authors have made sincere efforts to recognize and remove/improve the potential factors that contribute towards an inefficient agro-based supply chain. COVID-19 has brought in much urgency to evaluate the existing Supply Chain and to propose a valid solution. In this particular research, the involvement of intermediaries is the point of focus. Also, the profit margin of the farmer is hugely affected due to intermediaries. The current supply chain must be optimized, and this leads to easier flow from each phase of the supply chain. Surveys were conducted and the farmers’ problems and expected solutions are highlighted in this research. Farmers in northern states of India experienced more significant disruptions than those in other states as a result of decreased availability of foods, due to lack of diversity in crops. This research examines the existing Supply Chain of Wheat crops and optimization of the respective Supply Chain to save farmers more revenue. Through this research, the authors have attempted to observe and explore the problems faced by the farmers and consumers due to the inefficient supply chain infrastructure prevalent in India because of the onslaught of Covid-19 and find an efficient solution. Due to the lack of adequate infrastructure, storage facilities, and old food processing and supply chain technology almost 30-35% of the agricultural produce in India is wasted. A scientific solution to the existing problems is also presented after analyzing the existing supply chain and crop selection of farmers.

Keywords: Agri based supply chain; Crop selection; Intermediaries in markets; Storage facilities