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Food safety and quality assurance in the Pakistan supply chain
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1  National Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
2  National Institute of Food Science and Techno UAF, Pakistan
3  National Institute of Food Science and Technology, UAF, Pakistan
4  National Institute of Food Science and Tech UAF, Pakistan
Academic Editor: Susana Casal


The study was conducted in Pakistan to assess food safety and quality throughout the supply chain. We conducted surveys and reviewed a substantial number of literature sources, industry reports, and regulatory guidelines. The findings revealed several critical points. Firstly, inadequate hygiene practices and improper handling during transportation and storage were identified as significant contributors to foodborne illnesses. Our study surveyed 500 food establishments across different regions in Pakistan to gather data on their hygiene practices. Secondly, the study emphasized the need for standardized monitoring and testing protocols to detect and prevent contamination at various stages of the supply chain. We proposed the implementation of a comprehensive food safety management system that includes regular inspections and testing to ensure compliance. In addition to addressing known challenges, our study also identified some novel points. We discovered that the use of blockchain technology for traceability and transparency in the supply chain showed promising results in enhancing food safety. This novel approach can help track the origin and handling of food products, improving accountability and reducing the risk of contamination. Although some countries may already have control over these critical points, our study aimed to provide specific insights and recommendations tailored to the context of Pakistan. By addressing these challenges and incorporating novel approaches, we aim to enhance consumer health and trust in the food supply chain in our country. Overall, this study contributes valuable insights into the field of food safety and quality assurance in Pakistan's supply chain. The results, including the survey data and novel points, can serve as a foundation for policymakers, industry professionals, and researchers to develop effective measures and practices that safeguard consumer health and enhance trust in our local food system.

Keywords: food supply chain, food safety