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Identification of Natural Lighting Quality on Several Developing Types of Subsidy Houses
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1  Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Academic Editor: Yung Yau


The function of a house can be achieved with the fulfillment of residential comfort. One of the factors that affect residential comfort is the natural lighting. Several studies have shown that natural lighting affects the comfort and health of a dwelling. The benefits of natural lighting can provide a visually pleasing and comfortable feeling similar to the natural conditions outside a building. Previous research discussed the typology of subsidized housing development in Kupang Nusa City and Kendal Regency. The result of houses in Kupang City in previous studies was the addition of a kitchen space at the back of the house. In Kendal Regency, it was a terrace area used as a business space or an expansion of the living room. This article discusses the analysis of natural lighting in the original house building and the pattern of subsidized housing development in Kupang City and Kendal Regency. The study was carried out through simulations of the original plan of the subsidized house and the plan after the house was developed, as well as a literature review. The study was analyzed using the Dialux Evo application version 8.0 through the light scene feature adjusted to the location and linked to the lighting level based on SNI. The simulation results show that the level of natural lighting in the space in the subsidized house does not qualify for SNI. This article concludes that the basic subsidized housing in the City of Kupang Nusa and the Regency has not qualified for SNI for 03-6197-2000 regarding energy conservation in lighting systems. The same thing happened to the subsidized housing that had been developed in both locations.

Keywords: Natural Lighting, Subsidy House, Dialux, Growing House