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Potential of Different Forms of Recycled Plastic as Construction Material—A Review
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1  Department of Civil Engineering, Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad 45320, Pakistan
Academic Editor: Antonio Formisano


The issue of waste plastic generation is a pressing global concern with several significant environmental, economic, and health implications. Researchers have used different forms of recycled plastic as construction material, but comprehensive information regarding types of recyclable plastics, applicable recycling processes and application-oriented products of recycling have not been discussed extensively. Thus, the goal of the current literature research is to comprehensively review the literature about recycled plastic application as construction material. This is attained by targeting the highly reputable journal articles published during the last decade. Studies show the convenience of recycling thermoplastics due to their reversible nature. However, their durability and resistance to temperature are still concerns. Recycled plastics are commonly used as replacements for aggregates in the manufacturing of cementitious composites as part of various research investigations. Efforts to tackle the issue of plastic waste include improving recycling infrastructure and encouraging the development of alternative materials.

Keywords: Construction materials; plastic aggregates; plastic recycling; waste plastic