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Measurement of the concentration of mercury for the automotive shredded residues using the direct mercury analyser
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1  Center for Research and Technology Hellas/Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CERTH/CPERI)
Academic Editor: Simeone Chianese


Mercury content is among parameters that characterise quality of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF), which constitute alternative solid fuels of increasingly interest. In this study, a direct mercury analyser is utilised in the analyses of SRF samples originating from Automotive Shredded Residues (ASR). Mercury content is detected in analysis samples of four different particle sizes for each SRF sample in order to demonstrate the direct mercury analyser operation and to compare it as an alternative to mercury determination via Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. As an overall conclusion, the direct mercury analyser can be regarded as an efficient laboratory tool, offering a robust alternative to Atomic Absorption Spectrometry procedure, especially in terms of accuracy, speed, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Keywords: Mercury, SRF, particle size, sample fraction, ASR, waste to energy