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Rapid and synchronized dormancy-breaking effect of jumbo leek bulb powder supplementation on increased liver glutathione production contributing to biological defense
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1  Kyushu University (Japan)
2  O'Atari Inc. (Japan)
Academic Editor: Duke Wang


[Background/Aims] Diseases resulting from inadequate elimination of oxidative stress due to aging and the entry of nanoparticles such as particle matters and plastics into the body have been on the rise in recent years. The importance of glutathione as a method of eliminating oxidative stress and nanoparticles has been recognized. The use of foods and nutrients has gained attention as a way to increase or support the maintenance of optimal levels of glutathione in the body. In the present study, the effects of increasing glutathione production in the liver of jumbo leek bulb powder were examined using samples that were heat-treated after rapid and synchronized dormancy-breaking to promote phase transition of the contents.

[Results] The heat- and freeze-dried samples without rapid and synchronized dormancy-breaking (untreated) showed a 9-fold increase in total glutathione compared to the control. In contrast, the rapid and synchronized dormancy-breaking sample showed an even greater increase, approximately 35-fold over the control and 4-fold over the untreated sample, indicating a significantly higher increase. This suggests that ingestion of rapid and synchronized dormancy-breaking jumbo leek bulb powder will promote the alleviation of oxidative stress in the body and the removal of nanoparticles due to the increase in the amount of glutathione in the liver. Therefore, it is expected to prevent or improve (anti-aging) cerebral infarction, cancer, wrinkles, and blemishes caused by these factors, as well as to prevent obesity and diabetes, as reported last year.

Keywords: Liver; glutathione; biological defense; supplement; food; jumbo leek; dormancy-breaking