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Urban Agriculture in Morocco: Which Model is Adaptable to Socio-economic and Environmental Challenges? (The Case of Marrakech)
* 1 , 2
1  laboratory of geomorphology, environment and society, faculty of arts and humanities of Marrakech/Cadi Ayyad university.
2  Laboratory of geomorphology, environment and society, Polydisciplinary faculty Safi, Cadi Ayyad University
Academic Editor: Jitka Kumhalova


Urban agriculture has evolved as a cornerstone of sustainable development, acting as a "magic wand" to address challenges related to food, energy, and environmental sustainability. With a growing need for innovative agricultural solutions, Morocco firmly aligns its policies with international environmental agreements and implements programs aimed at improving the sustainable use of water resources and promoting sustainable agriculture. This is particularly essential as agriculture accounts for approximately 84% of water demand.

Similarly, since its establishment as a garden city in 1062, Marrakech has benefited from a sophisticated irrigation system (Khettaras, etc.) supporting agriculture. However, the city has recently faced significant challenges, both environmentally (climate change, water scarcity, etc.) and socio-economically (population growth, food insecurity, socio-economic inequalities, etc.).

This research aims to shed light on the current situation of urban agriculture in Marrakech and identify the constraints threatening its agricultural viability. Additionally, it aims to study several urban agriculture models to determine the best flexible and sustainable strategy to address socio-economic and environmental issues in the specific context of Marrakech. Through an in-depth investigation of the potential benefits and limitations of these models, the research aims to promote sustainable agricultural practices in the city, thereby ensuring rational, intelligent, and sustainable use of urban agriculture's potential. Ultimately, this research aims to increase agricultural resilience in Marrakech and contribute to its long-term sustainability.

Keywords: sustainable agriculture; challenges; Marrakech; resilience.