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Development of a monitoring system against illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest using artificial intelligence algorithms
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1  Amazon State University
Academic Editor: Stefan Bosse


The Amazon rainforest corresponds to one-third of the world's tropical forest area. This makes it indispensable for maintaining global biodiversity. However, the increasing occurrences of wildfires and deforestation in the region are notorious. In this sense, it is essential to protect forests to ensure the quality of life for future generations and prevent damages that affect the entire planet. In this work, a real-time monitoring device is proposed to identify attempts of deforestation through audio signals from tractors and chainsaws, using embedded artificial intelligence. Additionally, it is capable of communicating with a base station, reaching distances close to 1km in dense forest, through LORA communication. A user interface has also been developed, providing daily alerts such as attack identification, occurrence times, device locations, and battery status. The system has an average power consumption of around 300nA, employing power management methods defined as ultra-low power mode, sleep mode, prediction mode, and transmission mode. Hence, the device has the potential to promote the sustainable preservation of the Amazon rainforest, helping to prevent large-scale illegal deforestation.

Keywords: Illegal Deforestation; Amazon Rainforest; Artificial Intelligence; LORA Communication; Low Power System