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1  Sri Sairam Institute of Technology
2  Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology
3  Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
Academic Editor: Stefano Mariani


A recent survey depicts that across the globe there are nearly 36 million visually impaired people facing serious issues in accessibility, education, navigating public spaces, safety concerns, and mental health. Now the evolution of obstacle detectors for blind people have been from the usage of people, sticks, smart glasses, and smart shoes. Among the above, the major problem faced by all blind people is to walk independently to every place, so to make them feel independent while they walk, here is a proposal for an intelligent shoe. The proposed intelligent shoe consists of a controller connected with an ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, vibration patterns, GPS navigation, connectivity with a smart-phone or smart-watch, voice assistance, feedback on gait and posture, and emergency features that are embedded with each other to communicate the presence of obstacles in the directions of the path of the blind. The sensor identifies an obstacle in the direction present then it passes the signal to the controller that activates the buzzer and the vibration patterns present in that direction. Therefore by the proposed concept of vibration sense and buzzing sound with GPS navigation, connectivity with a smartphone or smart-watch make the system easy access for the blind to identify the obstacle present on their way and make them social inclusion.

Keywords: controller, GPS navigation, sensor, vibration patterns, voice assistance