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Perception, attitude and intention towards COVID-19 vaccination
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1  Assistant Professor in IMSAR, Maharshi Dayanand University
2  Research Scholar, IMSAR, Maharshi Dayanand University
Academic Editor: François Meurens


To overcome the situation due to pandemic (COVID-19), vaccination became essential. So, it was important to understand the overall perception, attitude and intention of respondents towards vaccination. This study aimed to investigate the combined effect of usefulness and trust on attitude towards COVID-19 vaccination and to understand the perception of vaccinated and unvaccinated people towards vaccination. Self administered questionnaire was used to collect the data. In the descriptive research design, Structural Equation Modeling was used to test the combined effect of usefulness and trust on attitude towards COVID-19 vaccination and one-way ANOVA was used to test the difference in perception of vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Simple random sampling was used in this study. The questionnaire based data were collected from 400 respondents of Haryana from April 24, 2021 to May 13, 2021. As per results, more than 70% were not vaccinated, around 16% received their first dose of vaccine and less than 15% received both doses of vaccine. Usefulness and trust had an impact on the attitude towards vaccination. There was significant difference between those who didn’t receive any dose of the vaccine i.e either Covishield (viral vector vaccine) or Covaxin (inactivated viral vaccine) and those who received both doses of the vaccine. The results reveal that attitude is strengthened by positive relation between trust and usefulness. Even though there were large number of people who were not vaccinated at the time of the survey, these people had positive perception towards the vaccine. So, they were most likely to get vaccinated in the future. It was also found that vaccine history of the respondents played an important role in future vaccination. Awareness programmes become important as people need to be well informed about the benefits of vaccination.

Keywords: COVID-19, Pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine, hesitancy , Vaccine refusal