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A Review Paper on Wearable Antennas
* 1, 2 , * 3
1  DBATU Lonere, District Raigad State Maharashtra, India
3  RCPIT, Shirpur, District Dhule State Maharashtra
Academic Editor: Nunzio Cennamo


Wearable antennas for biotelemetry wireless communication are specialized antennas that are designed to be worn on or integrated into the body in order to enable wireless communication between devices such as medical implants, heart monitors, and other biotelemetry devices. Antennas of this type are typically very small and must be capable of working effectively in the presence of the human body. Wearable antennas for biotelemetry wireless communication can be made from a variety of materials including metals, plastics and textile materials. They are designed to work in different wireless communication frequencies such as UHF, ISM and Medical implant communication service (MICS) bands. These antennas are crucial for wireless communication of vital signs and other medical data which are collected by the biotelemetry devices and transmit them wirelessly to a remote location for monitoring and analysis.

Keywords: Medical implant communication service (MICS). ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) band, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output).